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Thread: hello from Herefordshire

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    hello from Herefordshire


    Stumbled on this site whilst looking for something else, glad I did its what I have been looking for ages. Dont know what else to say apart from I am mad keen on my shooting and have been for the past 30yrs. I hold the DMQL2 award and although I do not have any real stalking of my own I have a few boar wandering about when they feel like it,

    Anyway good to meet you all.


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    hi rich,welcome to the site just down the road from you in malvern,have you managed to shoot yourself one of those wild boar? andy

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    Welcome aboard Woody
    I am in North Herefordshire, I asume you are down south of the county by the Boar you have.

    All the best

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    I live near Bodenham, I have ground in the south but cant visit it as much as I would like. Should of mentioned i shoot .308 and .243 CF

    Are you boys fairly active?

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    Got a couple of patches, not hundreds of deer but enough to feed the family.
    Went out on Boar shooting just before Xmas, if you look under the Wild Boar section and look for the title 'First Boar' thats my ugly mug.
    I pass Bodenham every day to work, Hereford Land Rover.Have seen a few fallow on the way sometimes.

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    hi rich,im a novice got no stalking of my own,and just went on my first stalk in jan thanks to Wayne Davies.

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    Just noticed there was a wild boar section on the site, I know Wayne and Andy (small world) you will have a great time (wint).

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    woody welcome i live just out side sutton

    derek treherne

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