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Thread: weekend on the munties with wayne and andy

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    weekend on the munties with wayne and andy

    I had to push my luck a bit to make this date but a invite from wayne and andy to stalk is not
    to be turned down .
    the long suffering shooting widow my wife asked me if i was shooting easter weekend anywhere
    i replied only the good friday as it was the county selection for all round on the clays .
    she explained we had been invited to her mothers for a easter sunday lunch
    I thought fine should be a nice afternoon so i said accept with thanks .

    tuesday morning and a phone call from wayne davies would i like to attend a cull evening on the
    munties with a few guys off the site this coming easter weekend .
    as i have said you dont turn an offer like that down .
    so explained to the wife me and jake ( no 1 son ) would travel up sat afternoon shoot sat evening
    sunday morning and be back for sunday lunch

    we arrived at waynes about three then off to check into b and b and back to waynes for some bacon
    sarnies thanks mate gratefully recieved .
    just enough time then to have a fondle of the k95 blaser that is waynes new toy
    A cracking piece of kit and im sure a pleasure to own .
    the boys off the site started to turn up which were john / woodmaster and jez /straightbewtweentheeyes
    ezzy 6.5 we met at the ground a pleasure to meet you all .

    the evening stalk we were placed in highseats with instructions on what to shoot and safety lines etc
    jake and I blanked but the evening produced three animals two for one gun well done ezzy
    I will let the guys do their own write ups
    we met up to hear each others exploits and to have some photos taken and a cool beer which went
    down a treat .
    wayne dropped us off at the b and b on the way back for a 5 45 pick up in the morning .

    sunday morning arrived wayne picked us up and we met up with andy in the dark
    the plan was to start off in some high seats on new ground that waynes has acquired then to stalk off
    on foot to see if we could bag a muntie .
    I was to stalk with wayne the blaser club and jake with andy the sako tikka brigade
    wayne and i arrived at our high seat and settled to scan a big clearing up a steep bank to try and catch
    a muntie on the move we stayed here for around 45 minutes with no joy then proceeded to stalk off on
    foot on many of the rides that made up a maize of cover that munties love .
    there was plenty of mark as we made our way scanning as we went suddenly wayne pointed and his pace
    started to quicken as we made our way up a steepish bank he had spoted a buck on the far bank .
    we managed to get to a shootable poisition and wayne pointed to where the buck was standing broadside
    at about 100 to 120 ish i managed to find its position in the binos as wayne raised the sticks .
    I knew i could not piss about as these buggers dont hang about too long so i steadied the sticks and sent
    a 165 grain fusion on its way the buck dropped to the shot it rolled down the bank still alive i chambered
    another round and covered it for a minute to make sure it was dead by which time it now was .
    on inspection it was a nice young buck in wonderfull condition .
    I had shot a bit far back wayne performed the gralloch and we stalked back along to where jake and andys
    poision was we gave them a text to meet up and when we did revealed that they had seen four muntjac
    jake had managed a doe which was his first muntjac so he was over the moon

    after some photos with us all and max waynes pointer it was off to the cafe for a cracking fry up
    andy you missed out there mate

    we travelled back to somerset to make lunch by 1.30 so got away with a rollicking
    wayne andy
    many thanks for a fantastic couple of stalks the oppertunity to stalk with like minded people
    and brilliant hospitallity and providing jake with his first muntie .
    topped off a great weekend for me after winning somerset all round championship with a 96 ex hundred
    on good friday. many thanks regards pete / jake

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    Good write up Pete didn't realise the time scale was that tight. Young jake is having a bit of a purple patch at the moment (that being his first munty plus the job ) give me a call if you want a lift Wednesday cheers James

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    yes a lift would be good mate give you a chance to show off your new vechile
    got your knife set as well regards pete .

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    Ok will call tues or Wednesday

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    Pete sounds like you had a good time mate, so pleased my skills and knowledge have been passed onto you buddy. Keep up the good work

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    fry up and a roast in one day i like your style boys!!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    Pete sounds like you had a good time mate, so pleased my skills and knowledge have been passed onto you buddy. Keep up the good work
    I will remember your little quote when im getting you out of the proverbial next time
    regards pete

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    well done to all of you.
    Wayne, max's sister breeze is just coming on heat but i think i will leave her another term or so.
    her mother and father (10 and 12 respectively) were caught day before yesterday getting "jiggy"with it.....hope nothing comes of it but watch this space. LOL

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    Sounds like you had a right time pal

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    Great write up Pete,well done to your lad for his first munty I'm jealous
    ATB Andy

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