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Thread: Goretex Yetis

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    Goretex Yetis

    Berghaus goretex yeti gaiters

    Berghaus goretex yeti gaiters.

    Hello,have came into some Berghaus yeti goretex gaiters,old stock from a berghaus outlet.I have been using them myself for 15 years and they are the best kit available for the hill,bogs or streams.Not only keeping my feet dry but protecting my expensive boots.Green in colour.selling up the road for 63.00 I'm looking for 28.30 posted recorded delivery.Only two sizes available...shoe size 42-43 or 46-47(only one pair left in the bigger size).they are a b****r to fit and if you get stuck there's a fitting guide on the net provided by Berghaus. Paypal welcome + 4%.

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    Yes please on 42-3 pm me payment details

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    Arrived today - Very quick thank you

    Now got to fight with the bl***dy things to fit them!!

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    if you still have the bigger ones I will take them please.
    PM on way

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    I used a vice and a ratchet strap!!!!!

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    Yep, Guaranteed to make you curse at no extra charge!CJ

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    It can be abit frustrating fitting them when new i was told lol !!! I use a table spoon to wedge the rubber over the toe. Then a wee bit aquasure under the rubber on the front of the toe fixing it to the grip of the boot. As i find the rubber can slide up when walking in heather,

    If you ever wear through the rubber re-randing costs 30.00 I've still got my original pair as spare.

    ELRIG (yeti gaiteruser every winter since 1997)
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    trick is to push the toe through the front hole as far as possible, seat the heal first and the pull the toe rand down over the toe of the boot.

    warm them up with a hairdryer first
    I silicon sealant them to the upper part of the sole.

    also treat the rubber with some neat washing up liquid every now and then, its a good rubber lubricant and stops it cracking and costing you 30 for new rands

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    Bugger! Just noticed this ad after buying army surplus gaiters off eblag


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