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    hi does anyone have any experience of these scopes,are they suitable for a222 rem or similar.thanks

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    I have read that they are the predecessor to nightforce,I don't know how much truth there is in this.

    Things made by the Light Optical Works in Japan are considered to be good.

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    A mate uses one on his rem700 - mainly for range work. I've shot the rifle a couple of times and would rate the scope as similar in quality to maybe a Leupold VX-1 or mid range Bushnell 3200 - no better than that.

    They are rare however and more pricey than the scopes i've listed - if memory serves me right, they retail for approx the same price as a meopta (250ish fixed and up to 400ish variable).

    Mate had the variable and i wasn't impressed with the turrets at all. The lenses were noticably poorer in low light when compared to my Kahles

    If it's variable you want then i'd look at the Bushnell 3200 or even 4800..if fixed then i'd have a look at Meopta or Leupold.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hakko scope

    I have a 4x10x56 30mm P/A illuminated mil dot version. It is an excellent scope and very difficult to obtain. Hakko used to make virtually all the branded illuminated scopes but recently went out of buisinesss. The intrests/staff moved to Japan Optical. See their wed site, they do huge range of scopes.

    My Hakko is on my .22rf and is an excellent piece of kit, it is rare in that it is mil dot with a central dot which only illuminates and is very fine and makes a precise aimimg point.

    It would be on my .223 except that has a Leupold MK4 on it.

    The turrets are capped target style and I think the optics are excellent, well comparable with a lot of top end scopes.

    Sadly they have not been available for years, mine was an ex demo model which I purchased about 10 yrs ago.

    I would never part with it and would grab another if I could get one. If you want send me a PM and I send you a picture. If you get a chance to get hold of a S/H one then buy it.


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    I have a Hakko Superb in 6 x 42 with 30mm tube.

    any one want to make me an offer??

    PM please

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    i have a hakko color reticle 8x56 scope made in japan and i'm after some info about it...can you help?

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    I have a 6 x 42 electro point ill scope, any idea if they were ok for 308 cal. Used it on Rim fire and it was spot on, hope to get a 308 in time and wonder if it would be ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipper shines View Post
    i have a hakko color reticle 8x56 scope made in japan and i'm after some info about it...can you help?
    After an introduction, maybe somebody will help. You have made two posts, both are requests, admin have already pointed this out in your 'introduction' and dragging up threads from the grave by 4 years don't go down too well either buddy.


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    I see that Beechwood have a couple of Hako scopes for sale in the clearance section.


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    Are these the same cheapish Hakko scope Brian Fox is selling?, Fox Scopes Binoculars

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