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Thread: Hornady Load data

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    Hornady Load data

    Please could some one with a Hornady load manual please look up the 85gr Interbond for 243 win and either scan the page or tell me what powders they suggest.

    Thank you for your time.

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    It seems that Hornady recommend using the 87 grin Vmax data and working up from the start load. These bullets are not listed in their 7th manual and I tried their web site to no avail. A web search culled this response from another forum:-

    Looking for load data for the new Hornady 85 grain Interbonds and H4350. The 85 grain Interbonds are not listed in the newest Hornady load manual. I called Hornady and was told to use the same loads as for their 87 grain VMax's. So loads using 87 grain VMax's and H4350 would be appreciated also.
    Then this:-

    Posted - 10/31/2007 : 19:43:48
    Thanks for the reply. After talking to Hornady again today, I have decided to use the data from my Hornady 7th Edition Reloading Manual for the Hornady 87 grain Vmax and IMR 4350 as my starting load and work my way up to maximum.

    Hope that is of some use.

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    thanks brit hunter

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    New Forest: This is no dig on you, but, is there something missing in basic reloading instruction these days? It used to be common knowledge that in lieu of data for a specific bullet weight, you can usually take the data for the next heavier bullet and start (properly so) with the minimum loads. In this case, the 87 grain data for the 85 grain bullet. I wonder if loading manuals are leaving this out or people aren't paying attention. Or, God Forbid, people are just "learning" to reload from internet forums.~Muir

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    Don't worry Muir I have been using 44.5gr H380 with this bullet for some time how ever it seems to through in some unexplained flyers other wise very good bullet and load it was worked up to carefully and I have been getting plenty of reloads from the brass I just want to try to tighten these loads right up with this bullet without loss of velocity am going to give H4831sc a go now. The niggle is the 85gr interbond though a awesome bullet in terms of its effects on game it seems to have a rep for these flyers. They have a long profile similar to the VLD, I have found that the bullet is best seated jammed right into the lands as it does not seem to like being jumped.
    I think I am on the right track but would like others ideas to muse over.
    If I can get this bullet to really shoot I would think I have found the perfect 243 bullet for me very flat very fast and loads of penetration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new forest View Post
    ....I think I am on the right track but would like others ideas to muse over.........
    Have a browse of this url:

    Good luck. JCS

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    I've got a Hornady loading manual I got in the states but when compared to the vitt manual it was massively different for n133 in my 223

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    Cottontail killer
    That does not mean either is wrong. Every rifle will dictate to you their own maximum loads the load I'm running in my rifle at the moment is 4.5grs over any book limit I have seen but I have no over pressure signs and my cases are on their 8th reloading and have't lost one yet.
    Does your book list the 85gr Interbond if it does please could you tell me what powders it lists for it.

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