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Thread: Replacement stock .

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    Replacement stock .

    I am after some advice . I am a right handed person who shoots out of his left shoulder . At present i shoot a right handed Sako 75 . My question is ,is it possible to have a stock made with a left handed cheek piece and the bolt action on the right hand side ? If so can anyone recomend a supplier ?

    I hope this makes sense Chill

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    Might be worth contacting McMillan to see if they could do anything for you. They make a very good aftermarket stock for the 75 and could possible do a left handed stock for a right handed action.

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    i have a Mcmillan left handstock with right bolt cutout as it was on a Sako 6mm ppc i bought. this is the 75 111 action. i have now replaced with a new Mcmillan ( for a right handed shooter ) so the other for sale to a good home. please call.

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    The McMillan varmint stock for the Sako 75 I am sure is neutral with no cheek piece, no cast and a small palm swell on either side of the pistol grip. Jackson Rifles have them in stock just now...

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    mine is a Sako Varmint stock type with cheek piece. email me for details and photo.

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    Richards microfit will do it in any configuration you like @ around $150

    LH action right hand stock
    RH action left hand stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerB View Post
    mine is a Sako Varmint stock type with cheek piece. email me for details and photo.
    Your absolutely right, it's the Remington Varmint that is the ambidextrous stock. I have a feeling they may do it for a Sako inlet but could be wrong...

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