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Thread: which insurance ???

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    which insurance ???

    hi guys,my basc insurance is due to run out soon & ive just got a reminder.Its gone up 3.00 since last year,so i had a look at some others,bds,ngo etc etc is there much of a difference in the service you get with these others or not.What are your veiws ?? thanks andy

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    The actual insurance policies themselves are just about identical [some are], I suppose it's also to do with what else you want from the organisation.

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    Take a look at the NGO, SGA or CA.

    All have insurance attached to their memberships, All are far better value than the BASC package.

    BASC have never delivered value for money.Despite their claims to the contrary.

    The fact that they were instrumental in getting one of the most unsavoury, dispicable and undeserving characters ever to grace an internet forum his FAC is grounds enough for me never to pay them a single penny ever again.

    Rant over

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    BASC also claim to offer a lot of support with firearms/FAC queries (but in my recent experience will offer the advice but won't act any further and are certainly very reluctant to enter into dialogue with the police force themselves).

    Do any of the others have firearms teams or other specilists that can offer advice? As well as the insurance this is one area I would like to have support available if required and am definitely thinking about changing our joint BASC membership when it's up for renewal.

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    Have just got my BASC renewal, 62

    Have cancelled my membership & joined the NGO, 30 for the same 10 million insurance level.


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    I did a syndicate group insurance through the Countryside Alliance, far better cover than BASC in many ways, go take a look at the website and compare for yourself.
    They had an offer if about 8 or 10 of you got together it worked out at sod all around 20ish, I put up a notice and a couple of guys of here came on board.
    I think they have a few offfers go check it out got to be worth a looksee

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    NGO fo me ,
    Basc just took the piss, magazine was crap, tried to get some advice at country show last year too busy chatting up some hooray henrys to talk to me. Up their own asses and at double the price they have lost a member of at least 15 years. Wil never go back to them.

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    Just filled out the application for NGO. I've been a member of BASC for almost 20yrs. Membership was 12.50 in 1989. 62 is just a bit OTT. Cheers, Pete.

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    just looked on the NGO site for insurance,doesnt look like your covered for personal injury whilst shooting,& your not covered for beating ,so is it as good as it sounds. andy.

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