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Thread: Rain Stops Play - or does it?

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    Rain Stops Play - or does it?

    Hi folks,

    Facing the first rain here for nearly six weeks, it seems the appropriate time to ask for your help. I have trawled the Internet but have not found any conclusive answers.

    Some of us are "fair weather" Stalkers whilst others are out on the hill in all weathers.

    My question is how does rain - drizzle, light rain and heavy rain - affect bullet flight for the calibres I use - .17HMR, .243 and .308.

    I only use factory ammo - 17gr Hornady VMax, 100gr and 150gr Federal Power Shok.

    The thought of going to a range on a rainy day to find out does not sound very exciting and I don't want to experiment on live quarry for obvious reasons so I am appealing to your knowledge and experience.

    Many thanks,

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    I'm sure more experienced hill stalkers North of the wall will give definitive answers, but I have not had any trouble from rain versus bullet flight, more usually optics trouble with rain!
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    doesn't affect bullet flight to the degree whereby a stalker or recreational target shooter should need to worry about it. affects deer behaviour though, much more important to learn about, esp. their feeding patterns between showers, etc.

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    As stated rain will not effect bullet flight, apparently the air created in front of the bullet move the rain

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    As has been discussed, the effect of the wet on you, your equipment and your quarry are far greater than the effect on trajectory, which will be negligible on normal hunting distances.

    Hope all is well

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    Yep, in my case rain starts play, it should bring some Salmon and Sea Trout into the river.

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    no such thing as bad weather , just bad equipment !

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    when raining it gives a Spectacler effect when a Projectile from my .25-06 or .300 W-M enters the ribs of a Fallow or Red

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    No effect what so ever on the bullet, may effect user though.


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    As already said by others, I find it more a question of optics than effect on bullet.

    There is an effect through water of refraction, and this can show up on longer range shots if using higher magnification in any kind of rain, but good optics will overcome this in most cases.

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