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Thread: Getting up close & personal!

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    Getting up close & personal!

    Just been out with Mrs Finnbear & our rescued hounds, the rain had stopped here in Chester, & I had finished stripping down some old ladder charges from 08'...So, we let the youngest off for a burst, & He, (Brian) yes that's the name he arrived with! went off like an express train..... later on while on his lead, checking out the Rabbit holes & Badger crossings, (I think he spent his earliest months with doggers), he started giving voice, to a startling flapping noise in the Hawthorns,I passed the lead to Paula, & climbed the barbed wiring, to be met by a thoroughly wet through hen Sparrowhawk, she was struggling for flight & initially we thought busted wing?, but no, on picking her up, she settled without giving me the benefit of her armaments, I folded her wings pigeon fancier style & stroked her down removing most of the water taken on from the long grass,I reckon she had not seen the Blok & Mesh fencing that she tried to climb when I picked her up, the intended victim had obviously escaped her clutches, as no fur or feather was about, I let her sit on my outstreched palm for a while, gently encouraging her to take flight by raising & lowering my arm, she took one more staring look at me & lifted to the breeze,.............. hope she doesn't repay us by visiting our garden for the Blackbirds chicks.
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    Steve you are a true gentleman, sportsman and countryman.

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    I imagine that would be one of those 'once in a lifetime experiences'.
    They are one of those animals, amazing. But the damage they can do.....

    Saying that if I see one I always have to stop and watch it. Not that they hang around for very long.

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