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Thread: High seats help

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    High seats help

    Help have just puchased high seats from Sportsman but when the keeper on the estate put the first one up he reconds the sooting rail is to low by approx.4-6in.Has any one had similar problems Dave.

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    Would tend to agree with that sentiment. You can either bend them in a vice or redrill the posts to give some additional height.
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    The 'Bow Hunting' high seats have a low rail and are not the sort that can be drilled or bent as they are square section and slot into box section points on the front of the seat.
    The only way is to get some extension bits of similar box section to either fix to the leg part of the rail and then get them to slot into the fixed part of the seat or get and extended bit to fix to the seat and slot the rail into.
    Not an easy job unless you have access to lots of bits of box section !!

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    Use timber. six inch sarking with a 6 inch table on topDrill and plant the boards upwards on the three sides with tiewraps. Screw the board at right angles then screw one across the front on its flat to take out the shoogle. % minute job and yoy have a shelf for your coffee. Jim

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    i would think if its box it will be 25x25mm most seats are made with this so an easy fix is get some 19mm round bar as it slots in perfect and you can then make an extention by drilling and bolting with out welding. if you need some bar pm me i can send you some if it isnt if you can give me details of the seat i would be able to come up with a solution for you at little cost ,atb wayne

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    Or just buy one of Mereside's next time....

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    Bye one that suits if its that short phone the makers and tell them they are not fit for purpose

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    on those shop baught ones i cant for the life of me think of why they are not adjustable for height . all seats need different heights due to placement or size of a person . it makes no sence at all,atb wayne

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    Sportsman will take them back but next alternative is 50 dearer thanks for help will try to mod.Dave

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    dave shameless plug but mine are 130 for a single if thats any good,atb wayne

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