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Thread: Show me your hunting knife

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    Cool Show me your hunting knife

    I just want to see what kind of knives do you use, photos are welcome.
    My personal choice is Citadel Baltic 2 blade made from carbon steel 1075, scales made from stabilized maple which won't shrink or absorb water.
    I just wonder if there are people who use carbon steel?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	dawids hunter 2.JPG 
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    not up to your standard yet but heres mine its my third one i lost one and two the second was the same as this just a hand stitched shieth instead of the rivets ,atb wayne
    ps its 250mm long including handle and 25mm wide blade.

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    This knife and sheath looks very good. What kind of steel is that?

    My knife is 24cm long, 2.5cm high and 0.4cm thick.


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    hi mate its 440 stainless in 4mm thick i ended up having to get the final grind done as i was limited on tooling. i would like to make a linisher to finish them myself i have a industrial polisher i used to polish motorcycle frames and luckily i kept it so it has come in very handy. the sheath looks alittle worn in the pick as it had a hard time climbing in new zealand ,atb wayne

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    Then this knife is very personal, looks like a proper stalking knife. How often do you need to maintain the edge? Is this steel 440 a;b or c? What kind of wood did you use for scales?

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    yes i was gutted when i lost my other. i never liked them on a belt as crawling around they get in the way i used to have it clipped omy my pack till i gralloched a deer and didnt clip it back properly lost it in head height bracken. it only needs sharpening every so often it holds an edge well not sure what you mean when you are talking ,a,b ,c ?. thre scales i got off a knife maker online i was trolling through the site till i found that lovely fault cant remember the woods name i will have to find the invoice for pieces. i am going to do another the same but with antler and i am also going to pair it with an atlas joint knife i have drawn up . have you done any other knifes?. just wanted to ask do you stitch your sheaths by hand as i like that look ,atb wayne

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    Here is 1 of mine

    I tend to use my EKA swinglade mostly or a SOG field pup


    (the pic is of my alan wood knife)

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    "That's not a knife.....THIS is a knife..." {to be said in broad aussie accent} sorry could help myself..

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    I'm with's the Clipper for, does the job and not heartbroken if I mislay it.


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