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Thread: Moderated Rifle or Not ?

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    Moderated Rifle or Not ?

    Having used a Moderator for the last 10 years mostly on Roe Deer, it strikes me that I am carrying extra weight on the end of the barrel for no good reason. Muzzle Flip, Bigger Bang, Muzzle Flash, so what? I shot without one for the first 30 years and seem to have just followed the trend of gadgets.

    What do you guys think?


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    i use a mod and wouldnt go back to unmoderated by choice. i stalk and lamp in populated areas so its more discrete. i am getting better ccuracy and the extra weight anchors the rifle in the sticks, this allows me to take mucch longer shots off the sticks than before.


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    Hello Blot,

    I am starting to come the same conclusion! I have only been using mods for the last 2 years or so and last week, after getting mod caught for what seemed like the 1000th time whilst stalking in thick cover I was determined to go home and an re-zero rifles without mods!!!

    I had started using my 22-250 without a mod for the past month or so anyway, so as to save swapping bushes over each time I want to use it.

    I think I would be happy to go back to using foam ear plugs for zeroing like I did for the 20 years I shot without mods. My ground is so thinly populated with houses so I don't have to worry about neighbors too much either.

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    I think as with most things, everyones circumstances will be different. I shoot a lot near built up areas. I also like to see the bullet strike whilst not reeling backwards. My ears are already damaged from years of shooting and my work. You are far more likely to flinch with an unmoderated rifle and probably don't even no you do it! Moderators are great for larger herding species as they are not always aware of where the shot came from and will often run towards you 8)
    Apart from that it gives 'mechanical sympathy' to your rifle and scope due to less recoil. Moderators are also reputed to increase muzzle velocity by effectively increasing the length of your barrel too.
    Yes they are bulky and affect the balance of your rifle but I find the weight at the end acts more like a stabiliser and I shoot better with it.
    Your circumstances might be entirely different.
    I prefer to use one and can't see that changing.

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    I prefer my rifles without mods on, the only reason I use them is sometimes I may get an extra shot as the deer dont allways know where the shot came from, and that is the only reason.


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    I've got both.

    Do I wish to be dragging a mod up and down rough ground - probably not.

    Am I grateful to be able to shoot within a couple hundred yards of the neighbours - at 5am? Yep, nice to have the option.

    Rgds Ian

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    i have just purchased a sound mod for my .308 after seeing the differences as mentioned above,and what happens when you miss (fester) they dont know where you are and give you chance for a second shot .twice

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    I found improved accuracy when I fitted the mod. I shot a deer last year at 6 am 200m from a mates house and it didn't even wake him. That has got to be good for PR.


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    Hi Blot

    Personally I can't stand mods. I don't even have one on any of my .22lr's.
    I've never had difficulty in getting enough shots into a group of beasts when the opportunity has arisen, I've never been off balanced by a un-moded rifles recoil or suffered scope damage either.(That might be due too never buying cheap scopes )

    In an attempt to save what hearing I have left I've used either custom plugs or cans when engaged in all of my shooting activities for the last 15 years. So far so good!

    As for upsetting the neighbours? I'm involved on a perfectly legitimate sport/occupation why should I feel the need to hide what I do? Its only one or two bangs most of the time anyway!

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    I got a T8 for my 22-250 as we were foxing around farms/cottages.

    I eventually had it put on my 308 as well. And I hate them but they are a necessary evil.

    i have shot multiple roe and red without one and with them so that is an old wives tale in woodland scenarios. Hill is different. The mod will allow for a longer culling window. But know your stuff and take out the lead hind and that will work also.

    So have them and use them YES. Like them NO.

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