A bit of an odd one for the stalking directory, but hear me out...

We're after a small/medium sized dog as a family pet (spaniel size'ish), and if it has some (albeit minor!) gundog ability then all the better for me!! It will live inside but walked well daily. We don't want a puppy as whilst we are in quite a lot (working from home etc) we don't want the mess/chewing/barking etc as it will have to be good with our two year old (who, whilst is very gentle and kind to dogs, does keep us busy enough without the need for a puppy!).

We are looking at rescue centres (from which our previous dogs have come from - but prior to our daughter), but many of the dogs have unknown histories and some centres won't rehome to families with kids under the age of 10. As such we are being very picky with no success so far - we simply don't want to take a risk with our daughter.

However, like some rehoming centre staff state - ideally what we are looking for is a dog that is having to be rehomed due to now fault of it's own (i.e. divorce, illness etc etc). That way we should have a dog with history (ideally with kids), temperament, house trained (including barking/chewing) and should be a little older/calmer but still enjoy walks & play time.

I know that this may be a little of a tall order - but on the off chance that someone has a dog that isn't performing for them in the field, or knows someone who has recently had illness/divorce etc and wants a good home for their dog, please feel free to get in touch.

Cross breeds are fine, staffies are definitely out, and terriers we not overly keen, but a lot depends on the dog to be honest.

Many thanks,