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Thread: Afternoon with Wayne and Andy

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    Afternoon with Wayne and Andy

    Following on from the other lads accounts of this weekends trip out with Wayne and Andy I thought I would have a stab at writing up my side of events.

    After leaving home mid afternoon Saturday I drove through some really drizzly miserable weather and to be honest I half expected a call from Wayne canceling. To my pleasant suprise, by the time I had arrived at Andys place the weather had improved no end.
    We left Andy's place and made our way over to the rendevous point to meet the other lads.
    We had time for a quick cup of coffee before the others arrived and upon opening my flask and finding out that it had leaked half it's contents into the lid, I commented to Andy that two things I intended to buy this year were, A flask that didn't leak and a head torch that didn't turn itself on in my pocket (that would come back to haunt me later). Soon the other guys arrived and after a quick intro Wayne explained what we were allowed to shoot and where we would all be sited in relation to each other. Wayne left to place a couple of the lads in there seats and Andy gave me directions to my seat and advised me to aproach quietly, 'stalking into the seat' as it was possible to see deer on the bank along the ride. I loaded my .270 with my 130gn gamekings and set off as directed.
    By now it was like a different evening the sun was even trying to break out. I sneaked alongside a pheasant pen, stopping every couple of paces to glass the bank. As I moved along the Ride I would disturb the occasional songbird and the sudden movement would have me reaching round for the rifle before i'd realised what it was.
    After about half an hour I reached the seat where I was to sit and quietly ascended.
    Now, One thing I do know about high seats is that you cant sit still if your freezing cold and one thing (probably the only thing) I know about Munties is that you need to sit still. So, I was fairly overdressed for the mild weather with my Deerhunter Ram trousers and A fleece and a Ram Jacket but at least I new I wasn't going to be cold and fidgety. I slipped my vail and light gloves on and had a quick dry run to make sure I could get into a suitable position to shoot then prepared for a wait. Not 5 minutes passed when I noticed A slight movement to my left about 30 feet away on the bank. My heart rate started to go but something wasnt quite right, A closer look into the undergrowth showed that the movement had come from a lovely old dog fox who was seemingly fast asleep and had just flicked his ear. For about quarter of an hour I was torn as to weather to shoot Charlie while he slept and I could hear the voice of Jon Robbo as if he was sat on my shoulder like the voice of my concience. Eventually He stood up, Streched, looked at me and calmy walked of through the wood, I must have walked within 6 feet of him on my way to the seat. All was quiet for a bit, just the occasional blackbird flying past to keep me swithced on.
    I was slowly panning round to check behind me when a dark shape caught my eye on the ride behind me, I eased round only to realise it was a fat old Cock pheasant strutting alomg the ride. That bloody bird walked right past me then decided to spend the next 20 minutes pacing about in front of my seat so I dared not move in case he clattered off scareing all and sundry as he went. Eventually he made his way into cover and left me alone once more. It is still quite light and i'm not really expecting anything just yet, then as if by magic there is a Lovely Buck walking straight down the ride in fron of me. I slowly raised the rifle and tried to release the safety only to get my bloody glove caught under it, I really thought I was going to miss out because of the flaming safety catch. Luckily I freed my glove and slipped the catch off and just as he turned broadside I pulled the trigger. The Buck was down before I felt the recoil and my first thoughts were 'Spine' so I reloaded as fast as i could and covered the buck for a minute or two. As it was still early I replaced the round I had fired with a fresh one and settled back down with a big smug grin on my face (I new that it was a nice buck and deffinately the largest I had shot by a mile). Soon the light started to dip and I was thinking of Gralloching the Buck before it got Dark, when over my shoulder I noticed a Dark shape about 80 or so yards away. A quick look through the bins confirmed it was a Munty so without much further thought I raised the Rifle and sent another Gameking on its way. The deer went straight down and I decided I would quietly go and fetch her (for it was a young Doe) and the Buck and set about Graloching them both while there was still a little light left. I took both deer of the ride a little and rooted my head torch out of my pocket, geuss what, it had turned on in my pocket and was nearly flat. Luckily there was enough daylight left for me to clean the Buck but by the time I had done finished him the light had gone so it was out with the phone and on with the maglight app. I Gralloched the Doe by holding my phone in my teeth (leaving the back passage in as I didn't fancy taking that out in the dark). Now remember I'm dressed like Sherpa Tenzing and it's not even cold so i'm already sweating like a glass blowers Ar*e. I slung my rifle and bins around my neck and set off holding a Deer in each hand and my phone in my teeth. About 30 yards into the walk I thought i'd cut the tendon and tuck a front leg through on each deer thus allowing me to sling them over my shoulder. First attempt in the dark saw me cutting right through the tendon and nearly through my thumb. Idea scrapped, I picked them both up and walked on, stopping occasionaly to rest my hands. When I got to the main track I dumped them planning to take my gear back to the truck and return minus a couple of layers. It was then that I realised i'd left my bloody sticks under the high seat.
    Cursing myself i walked back to the vehicles and met up with some of the other lads. Soon Wayne arrived and was gentleman enough to come with me to get my Deer from the track. He even carried them both back for me while I ran around to get my sticks.
    Time for a couple of photo's A quick bottle of Bud (gratefully recieved) then handshakes allround and off homeward as the lads had an early start in the morning.

    Anyway, Thanks Wayne and Andy, Nice to meet some of the other lads off the site. I had a fantastic evening and the Head off my Buck is Bleaching in the Utility room as I type this (should be done by now).

    P.S can anyone recomend a good head torch?

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    Nice one Stu.

    A great evening alround mate.

    I remember the trip last year.

    looking forward to the photo's


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    Great read and result ezzy well done
    Try putting one of the batteries in your head torch the wrong way round then when its needed just swop it back a bit of a pain agreed but at least it will be fully charged when you need it and will tie you over until you get a different one.

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    great write up stuart. look forward to seeing a picture of the bucks head when you have done it

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    Well done Stu great write up

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    Hi Stu
    Nice write up mate. Thanks to all the guys for your help.
    I've added a few photos.


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    ]Hi Stu Nice write up mate. Thanks to all the guys for your help.
    I've added a few photos.


    Its great to see people share shooting with mates and even taking people less fortunate out, a few names pop up on here time after time doing it.
    They are just straight good hearted folk not out for gain, really refreshing to see. well done df

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double four View Post
    ]Hi Stu Nice write up mate. Thanks to all the guys for your help.
    I've added a few photos.


    Its great to see people share shooting with mates and even taking people less fortunate out, a few names pop up on here time after time doing it.
    They are just straight good hearted folk not out for gain, really refreshing to see. well done df
    Im less fortunate
    anyone want to take me out ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    Hi Stu
    Nice write up mate. Thanks to all the guys for your help.
    I've added a few photos.


    Stu that looks like the shadow from a bottle of bud behind your leg...
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hi Stu,

    Well done on getting a brace. Glad you did though after I had mentioned that I had seen several munties near that seat.
    Thanks again for that very useful bit of reloading kit that you made for me and Im well into that book that you leant me .
    All the best,


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