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Thread: .270 or .270 wsm

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    .270 or .270 wsm

    hi can anyone tell me what the main difference is between these two rounds. i,ve been offered a good deal on a 270wsm but i want to know is it going to be too much gun for shooting reds out to 200 yards.thanks
    the scudd

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    The WSM is a short fat case V the Win long slim case. WSM rifles should be on a short action rather than the WIN long action.

    The WSM should have around 150fps (maybe 200fps) extra over the WIN.

    Don't think it the WSM would be "too much" gun for a Red, but it is certainly enough gun.

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    Maybe one round less in the mag for the fat WSM, therefore short action.
    I made a stock for my friend recenly and put it on his new 270wsm. Verdict was that he thought it recoiled less than the normal 270Win and is very accurate. Nice flat shooting round. Go for it.

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    Go into your local gun shop and ask for some ammo for both rifles.


    Go ask rthe local Ranger ar keeper what he shoots

    Re-inventing the wheel seems to be a pastime on here.

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    I may be totally off track but seem to recall reading recently that some short magnum calibres are being discontinued by the manufacturers, could be that some research is required?

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    Re: 270

    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldan
    Re-inventing the wheel seems to be a pastime on here.
    Spot on!

    I wouldn't bet on all these 'new' calibres being around for too long - but in years to come you'll still be able to walk into a gun shop and find ammo in all the standards like .243, .308, 30-06, .270 - even 6.5x55
    They have lasted because they do what they say on the tin.

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    most of the calibres that you mention have been around an awful long time why? Because they work!
    They may not be the sexiest anymore but they are available in any good gunshop in pretty much the world over, or at least the components are.
    Given the choice between .270win or .270wsm my choice would be the 70 year old round. It will be interesting to see if the wsm version will be around in 10 years time, never mind in 70 years.
    It will also be interesting to see if any of these short magnums develop a reputation as barrel burners, there being "no such thing as a free lunch".

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    My point entirely - maybe I just worded it badly!

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    I thought about changing from 270win to 270wsm a few years back and didn't because of the reasons listed before.

    ammo costs more
    less rounds in mag
    dificulty in getting ammo
    It's just another fad!

    Love it or hate it , its hard to beat a 270win .

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    I would be happy to use any of the calibres that Mole mentioned.
    As said in previous forums by far more experienced shooters than me, it's where you put it that counts. There are dozens of suitable calibres (with the right bullet), I really can't understand why shooters get so hung up on calibre and even argue over "the Best" or most suitable calibre for a given task.

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