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    injured fox

    sunday morning i was called by a farmer whos land i just got permission to shoot on that they had lost three lambs the night before,so i asked him if he had any dead lambs about and could he leave one in a field where the attacks had 730 last night went up there as knelt down by his slurry store about 8 pm i gave a few quiet squeeks,with that a fox came into the field and started to wind the lambs eventually he had worked round so he was about 60 yrds from me so i did the deed.when i picked him up a reasonable sized dog fox in good condition except his right cheek and top jaw were damaged his right eye was closed.i removed him from the field and decided that his hunting ability would have been reduced due to his wounds and that is why he had turned to taking the lambs i wish id had taken a picture now.have any of you seen unusual behaviour caused by and injury ???????????stu ps the staked out lambs not been touched so they very happy with me lol

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    Perhaps a previous encounter with a terrier.?

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    maybe , not one of mine though they dont take prisoners

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    Any fox when its' hunting ability is reduced will turn to easier targets, and hunger makes them bolder.
    Mange, when it is at a fairly advanced stage will affect the fox badly, many of the foxes I shoot around poultry, lambs, pens etc: will be manged, old, or generally in poor condition. As is to be expected, hunger makes them desperate.

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    I've seen injured foxes before - usually during the mating season when they've clearly been fighting rivals.

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    not sure what caused this injury but lets just say he wont be worried about it know lol i know it wsnt mange tho looked like a car or as paddy said a fighting injury thanks stu

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