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Thread: That useless dog... Success.. cheers lads!!

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    That useless dog... Success.. cheers lads!!

    so you might remember I have a Lab called Teak who on paper is amazing but actually just didn't fetch and I was going to get rid of him because he was driving me nuts, nose was fine and he'd locate perfect but just wouldn't retrieve. Pick up and drop then run back every time. Way too much time spent on this one but....

    Now I've tried advice given and after lots of trying there's progress and now teak will fetch (most of the time) on rabbits and pigeons but he still has thick moments. He only uses his nose and wont look for game which is pretty weird but hey, I have a dog that does a bit now and maybe come pheasants and ducks we'll see a working dog. He now like rabbits the best and quarters perfectly to locate them which was a great relief to see when he started doing it properly for the first time.

    Thanks all the posters that said to try different stuff, if the general opinion was to get rid that's what I'd have done that which I was more or less set on doing. cheers


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    I don't know. You have a dog, name it after wood and then expect it not to behave like a plank?

    On a serious note, glad you're getting somewhere, I'm sure he'll carry on improving. Lots of positive reinforcement for the successful retrieves is the ticket.

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    well done paul just get him on a few winged deer now and bobs your uncle a good allrounder

    no seriously it can take time they are all different and glad it came good in the end

    regards norma

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    Well done for taking a step back and trying again, As I posted on your thread I had similar problems and frustrations with a dog and although he will never be outstanding it now gives me a great satisfaction that I perservered and in the end got him to work.

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    Hi Paul. I'm going through the same at the moment with a springer called Dave. He's a great nose and general attitude. He will not retrieve though. He would paw a dummy and sometimes pick it up but wouldn't hang on to it. I'm slowly, slowly making progress mainly through having him carry a dummy around. Its a case of encouraging him as much as poss in a no pressure, fun environment at the moment. Any top tips as to what worked well or not so well with Teak? Was it simply letting the dog see others retrieving?

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    you can always shoot some rabbits, tie a few different game wings around them, and ask Teak to fetch them, he might then get the other game scents in his nose whilst retrieving a 'trusted' species. just a thought

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    Best trick that worked was just going back to no pressure play really but stuck the led on him while I did lots of retrieving with my chocky bitch which wound him up before he got his chance. When I got him back on game he was much more ready to pick up and is a lot more keen to jump when he hears the gun cabinet keys or sees a slip. Lots of praise when he gets it right nothing is he messes up, he's thick but getting there.

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    Thanks Paul. I think that's the key issue with Dave - he's just not that bright! Sounds like I'm doing similar things.

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