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Thread: Hmmm Original Model 50 Under lever air Rifle ...Or a Webley Mk111

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    Hmmm Original Model 50 Under lever air Rifle ...Or a Webley Mk111

    I realise that not many might know these classic Air Rifles as after all they are a classic and were always fairly expensive, I lusted after one as a teenager but they were beyond my pockets reach, so you did not see that many about due to their cost.

    Well the wabbits are a bloody nusience, they just pruned down a nice Red Acer in the boarder that was planted out from it's pot last year , so have been looking around for a suitable spring powered air rifle to reduce them darned wabbits a bit.

    After suffering a near heart attack at the prices of air rifles now some searching has uncovered an Original Model 50 not too far from home at a price which whilst it brings tears to ones eyes it at least does not induced a heart attack.

    Then there is the classic Webley Mk111 and I just happen to have the P-H 17B sporting aperture rear sight to fit this one in the collection.............................Hmmmm.

    I am sure I have some scope rings or a one piece mount that should fit but cannot recall the size of the dovetails on these.

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    not all Mk3's have dovetails.
    but as you point out most had the screws for peep sights.
    they do come up for less than you think every now and then.

    mine shot very high with the standard sights and required a good bit of trial and error to get used to.
    certainly powerful enough for wabbits and maggies to 30-40yds though, even in 60 yr old trim.

    to be honest I also have a 50 mail order "russian special" from the back of the Shooting times, bought back in the early 90's that has accounted for more vermin than all my other toys put together!

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    The most annoying thing is of course I already own a Feinwerkbau Sport 127 in .22" that I brought new and there is also a BSA Meteor Mk5 in .177" that I am not allowed access too still so in fact should need to go looking for another.

    The Feinwekbau cost 77 new from The Streatham Armoury 33 years ago

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    Owned a well worn 50 for years as a teenager, killed a awful lot of stuff with it too, put it over a chrono one day to find it was around a mighty 9 ftlb! Still have a BSA Lightning for the magpies in the garden.

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    I am confused.

    Do you have access to atleast one of your air rifles? If so, use that. I dont think the rabbits will mind. I don't use my springers any more as my PCPs are so much more efficient: better accuracy, multishot and virtually silent.

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    Original 50, a classic as was the 45.

    I had the FW Sport and moved to HW 35e then 80 and 77....

    Now own an 80 again and love it.

    If it were me, id buy the 50, give it overhaul service and enjoy....

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    Been looking for an Original 50 for a while (though the ones I have seen were side-lever NOT under-lever!!) but they always seem to crop up at silly playing a waiting game for one right now

    Lately I have been going through a retro phase, with "old" Webley airguns mainly.
    The problem I had was, as a yoof back in the late '70's & early '80's I would peruse the brochures and magazines looking for Vulcans & the like. Had regular access to a mtaes Vulcan every summer when I styed on his farm...
    Soon as I leave school & get a job I am also then old enough to buy .22's, .303's, 9mm's, etc. & the price differences meant that cartridge firearms were always a LOT cheaper than airguns...

    One of my recent Webley buys was an Osprey - a brilliant little side-lever - look for one of these as they don't seem to fetch much but are very well made

    Good luck finding one

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    My little collection. all BSA except the Webley Pistol. All still shoot perfectly and the airsporter was bought new by my father. I still shoot rabbits with the airsporter.


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    Thank you for the replies Ahhh yes Redmist I recall the Original 45 coming out as my best mate got one and I bet he still has it. He has a very nice collection of air guns. During those brief years I remember he getting:-

    BSA Airsporter
    Webley Hawk with both barrels
    Webly Vulcan with a Singlepoint SP25 red dot sight
    Oringal 45
    Weihrauch HW35E
    Weihrauch HW80
    Crossmann 766 "American Classic"
    Crossman 760
    Benjamen Blue Streak in .20
    Weihrauch HW77 built as a true left handed rifle by Venom Arms
    BSA meteor Mk5
    Original 50

    He continued to collect them for many more years and got a real nice Gem as I recall.

    So far I have no luck in contacting the seller of the Model 50, perhaps away for the Easter Break, will try again later.

    Ahhh Conor nope the air rifles were taken along with lots of other stuff the require no licence and as yet we cannot get an answers from the Police about getting this non licence stuff back. Mind you we must not rush them to answer as it's only been 50 weeks now.

    Oh correction ....................................... I do have an old Crossman 766 myself but it requires a rebuild as the seals went. I do not know if the seals are even available. It will require a new valve I suspect so might be beyond economical repair. God only knows have many pumps it has had and how many tins of pellets through the bore but I know I wore out at least two breech bolts on it. Yes my air rifles got used a lot. It's in a box in the garage I believe.

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    Oh well it was not to be but I have a slight restoration project now. A period Haenel Model 303 in .22 (5.6mm British No2 bore) that needs some TLC.

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