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Thread: Gun safe humidity control

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    Gun safe humidity control

    Does anyone use a heating system in their gun safe(s) to control humidity? If so, any recommendations?

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    I use the napier vp90 to hopefully sort out anything excessive. Obviously a heater would work better, especially with the humidity within old houses in this country. Whenever we have a dehumidifier going in a room it is frightening how much moisture they collect!

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    I've heard tales that a switched on lightbulb inside the cabinet is plenty heat to ward off the damp.

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    I look after a number of guns in an old building and have been through this in the last year. I put a thermometer/hygrometer in the worst cabinets affected to monitor the conditions. You do need some moisture in the air so the stocks don't crack when taken out into the weather then put back in the cabinet. At the moment I am aiming at 50% humidity and around 16 deg C. All I have done is relocated some of the cabinets away from the exterior walls and increased the heating in the rooms. I also use the VP90 sachets. You can get small dehumidifiers that would fit in a cabinet but it is hard to regulate the humidity properly with the ones I have seen.

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    I use one of these mini moisture traps in each of my cabinets and replace the ‘crystals’ every few months. Mine are in the loft so swings of temp can be quite drastic through the day/year.

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    I've got several large silica gel packets in my cabinet and ammo safe. They seem to work very well. You can get them on amazon for reasonable money (large packs, not the tiddlers you get packed with electricals).

    Keep your powder dry

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    I don't know if the 'Goldenrod' gun safe heaters are available over here... they look good

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    I don't know if it will help but just to clarify what I have said - Keeping the temperature and humidity consistent is more important than just keeping a cabinet bone dry. The ideal climate would probably be about 50% humidity and 22degC but it would not matter if it was 60% humidity and a different temperature so long as there were no big fluctuations in humidity. From experience its very difficult to regulate this with silica gel packs and such as they might take up moisture but the fluctuations might still be there. A loft will have big highs and lows of both temperature and humidity. If the location of the cabinet is causing the issue and you have expensive firearms then it might be wiser the move the cabinet.

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    I use silica crystals in an old sock one in each cabinet draws any moisture away from your guns stick them in microwave oven every now and again to dry them out although their only cheap from ebay

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    You could always use one of these 60W tube heaters (I use one to air the loft and one to air the porch - just keeps air moving) connected to a humistat

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