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Thread: iPhone, iPod, iPad App for sunrise, sunset and moon phase etc.

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    iPhone, iPod, iPad App for sunrise, sunset and moon phase etc.

    I posted previously asking for advice on this, so it only seemed fair to post my conclusions! Thanks to all who responded.

    I eventually chose DARKNESS by Bjango

    see: Darkness, an iPhone app by Bjango for info,
    App Store - Darkness - Sun, Moon
    (which is the easiest UK site to purchase it)

    current price 1.49

    works on any reasonably up to date iPhone, iPod or iPad (iOS 3.0 or later).

    I chose this one because it allows me to create my own "cities" (locations) over and above the claimed 20,000 already in the App.
    In creating my own "cities" I can input location (latitude and longitude in decimal, not , " & '), write my own name for that location (e.g. "my deer forest") and save it. There seems to be no limit to the number of locations I can create, and once saved they remain available.

    By default the App opens on today (i.e. current time), and will tell me sunrise/set times (corrected if in UK for BST), moon phase and moonrise/set times for that day.
    It also tells me things I don't really understand, like "azimuth" and "elevation", and the times of the various types of dawn and dusk that they have in USA (civil, nautical & astronomical!), but the information I do need and understand is on top and the other stuff doesn't get it the way.

    The App will let me then change to any date and time I chose and display all the information for that date for any of my "cities" (stored locations). When I've finished that I can click on date and chose the "now" button to revert to real time.
    There is also a separate moon page which only has moon information, which may be handy if you are trying to find out when the next new moon is etc., rather than asking what moon there is on a specified date.

    If I had an iPhone with its own internal GPS I could tell it to use that (current) location directly (I understand many keep the GPS switched off unless required, to save battery!) BUT the App does not require GPS or internet connection to function for anything other than determining "current" location.

    As a bonus I now realise that the App is also a neat world clock, as it will tell you current time (and sunrise, set etc.!) in any city, so since I have a mate who lives in Minneapolis I put that in my list of cities and I can instantly see what time it is there. Useful if I need to phone him!

    If you are going away somewhere on a trip, a quick visit to at Latitude and Longitude of a Point
    will enable you to derive very precise decimal co-ordinates (LatLong) for anywhere you chose which you can then use to create a "city" and get predictions for your trip.

    It does not give astrological predictions or tell your fortune (many other similar Apps do!) nor does is give predicted best times for hunting or fishing (again other Apps do, but I don't know if they are reliable!). It isn't too big (7.7MB - some are much bulkier), and works pretty fast.

    There are loads of other similar Apps out there, some I explored without buying, a couple I bought and have discarded. I like this one because it, better than any other I have found, tells me what I want to know without much fuss or difficulty and once set up is very accessible.

    I don't have the skill or technology to post screen-shots here but you'll find some in the links above and a YouTube review at:
    which is out of date and doesn't have the moon view page, but gives you an idea of what it looks like!

    Hope this is of some use!


    in the Pentland Hills where is snowing (10th April!)

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    Thanks for doing the write up - 1.49 well spent I think, very nice app - thanks
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