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Thread: swap a stalk

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    swap a stalk


    Whats up with the swap a stalk part on the forum, or is it just me?


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    woody whats the problemb explain

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    I wondered that too Woody!

    Has it ever existed ? or is it just starting up ??Or no interest ?

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    I used it as well , removed for some reason, maybe the moderators know ???

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    I should of explained better, when I click on the link it does not go any where, maybe its being discontinued???

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    Hi, I should explain why that has gone, I meant to at the time but for some reason I never did, my fault no excuses.

    The swap a stalk forum was not over used, which was one reason. also a lot of stalking was / is being arranged either through the General discussion forum or the Late availability forum, belt an braces is OK but overkill is going to far so it needed to be tidied. The thing is that the minds of the membership are so fertile that there would be forums appearing for different calibres, bullet weights, manufacturers anything you can think of, so we have to keep it manageable. If the membership was so vast and these different forums were needed, fine, but for now they are not.

    So it's demise came about not because of any one main reason but as a matter of housekeeping and trying to tidy up the site, and most definitely not because of any historical link regarding what SD used to be, just housekeeping.


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