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Thread: Shooting Muntjac or CWD with .22 centerfire held in N.Ire but travelling to mainland

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    Shooting Muntjac or CWD with .22 centerfire held in N.Ire but travelling to mainland

    Hi Guys,

    Hope you find this query interesting and can help with firearm laws both sides of the irish sea.

    Ok, I have a .22-250 rifle on my N. Ireland FAC which is detailed as 'sporting purposes and vermin control'. Could I take this rifle over to england to shoot muntjac or CWD in season or do I need the FAC to detail deer on it? Also, Ive heard that on the mainland you need your FAC to detail 'expanding ammunition' in order for you to buy or posess it-is this correct?

    Any help or experiences is appreciated!



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    That would be a phone call to your FLO to confirm, best not to speculate on that

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    Cheers Paul but whats the situation regarding 'expanding ammunition' no such classification or requirements over here.

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    I would imagine the 'sporting purposes' would cover you for deer however you would need to be able to buy expanding Ammo or can you get expanding in NI without the condition on your licence. If that is the case again I don't see a problem if you bring it with you, it is still Britain.

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    Be very careful about the expanding ammunition. If your FAC is not conditioned for it then it is not legal for you to possess it on the mainland. I think you'll be needing a visitors permit, though I may be wrong.

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    Cheers for your replies guys.

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    If you are a member contact BASC, they will be able to give you all the correct info.


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    When I went to NI for Sika we had to apply for a separate NI visitors licence so I would assume you would have to do the same to come here?

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    You need a condition on your NI FAC in order to transport the rifle outside of NI. I suspect there are many NI shooters who don't realise this and who travel without this condition but I was told I had to get it and I'd hate to find myself stuck in the ferry port on the way back with a rifle that should never have left the country in the first place :-) Mine says "may be transported from Northern Ireland for use on land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot..." My reading of that is that I can shoot anywhere, at anything, in the UK outside of NI.

    You don't need a visitors permit to travel to any other part of the UK with an NI certificate and in fact the NI certificate is viewed as a sort of UK "gold standard" in the sense that it probably allows you to do more stuff outside of NI than is allowed by locals in the same area. However, your certificate and serial numbers will be checked at the ports and airports.

    I am not 100% sure about the situation regarding having expanding in all of the UK (you know how some forces are for making stuff up when it suits them) but Northern in Scotland were very helpful and said I didn't need it, gave me that in writing and the person involved gave me her direct line number should I encounter any problems buying ammo in her area. I'm given to believe that the same situation should apply throughout the UK. I've never had any problems in northern Scotland buying expanding ammo with my NI certificate, everyone I've had dealings with seems to understand. I believe that other forces do not require it but the NI licensing people will give it to you as a "courtesy" if you feel you will need it somewhere else in the UK to buy ammo. (i.e. they will print an expanding condition on your certificate even though you don't need it in NI and shouldn't need it anywhere else just to make life easy for you)

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    Thanks very much for your input Caorach. The 'expanding ammunition' point was highlighted to me by a BASC rep, and he recommended that it was added to my FAC. The wording to allow you to transport your rifle out of the province is quite interesting, as I had never heard of this previously-I had just heard that a N. Ire FAC was automatically accepted on the mainland but this did not work the other way round.

    I tried to contact my local Firearms Enquiry Officer this morning to put these points to him along with a few others, but no one was answer at his extension number. Instead, I sent off an email to him which should give him a better opportunity to seek advice on any points that he couldn't answer confidently from memory. I'll post the information here that he replies with once that reply comes in but thanks again for your input.

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