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    This morning the kids went for an exploration in there Grandmas garden as they do every day when they are there, this time however they seemed quite pleased with themselves after reporting back that they had found a big deer. Much to our surprise they had, tucked up under a conifer they had found a dead fallow buck???
    Unfortunately on inspection this beast had been gut shot, the house is quite rural with lots of different land boundaries surrounding it, so there is no way of finding out where it was shot, or by whom.
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    shame that ,looks like a nice size,atb wayne

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    What an absolute beaut of a buck. I hope your keeping the head.

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    Heads being kept, judging by the start of the decomposition i would guesstimate it has been there for about 4 days.

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    found a roe buck head still in velvet (four points) on my permission on sunday i reckon it was no more than 24 hours old. There was some disturbance in the leaf mold in the wood and from the ragged decapitation i reckon it was dog men. Im having it massive. Do you think it was poachers?
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