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Thread: Practice Range?

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    Practice Range?

    Can anyone recommend a fullbore practice range near Buckinghamshire (minimum 100yds)?

    I've got BASC insurance. I currently have to travel far and wide and it would be great to be able to get some stick practice in closer to home.


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    Look up oundle rifle and pistol club mate.
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    Depends where abouts in Bucks you are. If you're further south then you're probably not too far from Bisley, where you will find more ranges than you can shake a stick at. There are hoops to jump through to use the ranges, but they're not too onerous.

    Other than that there is a range in Gloucestershire where you can shoot at 100 yards, search here for Corinium Range.

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    Cheers Matt, I do shoot at Bisley but it's all prone so looking for a range I can use sticks on. I've been to Corinium but it's a bit of a trek from where I live.

    Appreciate the response mate.

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    Thanks mate, I'll drop them an email

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