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Thread: I need to drink more tea!

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    I need to drink more tea!

    I was out last night after a wee sika stag, they are still in season here, but really I wasn't taking it too seriously. At about 1830 I had my little crusader stove going and had just poured a cup of tea into my mug when I noticed that, despite the wind, there were two deer on the forest ride behind me.

    There was a bit of messing about but in the end I managed to get the rifle and sticks out of the car and get the rifle loaded and, to my surprise, the deer were still feeding quietly in the ride. After watching for a while I started to become convinced that I had two hinds and, of course, they were swapping positions on a regular basis and moving in and out of sight. After a little while longer my opinion on the matter changed and I concluded that I had a hind and a wee stag. Ideal I thought.

    It was at this point that the wee stag chose to stand in front of the hind and so no shot was possible however in due course he walked clear of the hind and I sent him the good news. Unusually for a chest shot sika he went straight down and so I returned to drink my tea before I went and picked him up.

    I've never shot a deer while drinking tea before but I can certainly recommend it and it amused me greatly.

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    nice one,

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    Can't beat a cuppa - well done

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    Philip, it is like fishing. Damn sure way to get a take is to open the flask or the sandwich box.

    I have shot a deer while browsing this site on my iphone. I should be embarassed to admit that, but there you are.

    I must try and get out one more trip this season. Maybe tomorrow evening...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Browsing while shooting is just too much for me Brian, tea is about as complicated as I can get!

    There were a good number of deer moving relatively early in the evening last night despite the heavy rain but as you know there is often no pattern to it and last night can tell you very little about the chances tonight, or tomorrow. However, I hope you manage to get one if you get out tomorrow. Just watch though as this is easter week and there are a lot of people wandering about in unexpected places.

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    I've always found that stopping to urinate brings an unexpected surprise and if you've started to go, well it's going to end up in your wellie... Fortunately I hadn't started when the last one appeared

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    A friend of mine got caught short for a no2 when a roe appeared. Nothing daunted he took it while his trousers were still around his ankles!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulac View Post
    A friend of mine got caught short for a no2 when a roe appeared. Nothing daunted he took it while his trousers were still around his ankles!!

    Poor Roe, clearly never had a chance with two weapons trained against it..!!

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    While out fishing at sea a few years ago I decided to have a cup of tea,
    put the rod down, full length in the boat,
    just the tip showing over the end, I've been caught out before,
    started to drink my tea and notice the rod tip move,
    the line had been at right angles to the boat,
    by the time I had put down my cuppa, 1 or 2 seconds,
    the best part of 200yds of line was going out from the bow down the Channel,
    With me on one end, and what turned out to be a 250 lbs plus 8ft Mako shark on the other,
    it was jumping out of the sea every 50 yds or so, until I ran out of line.
    It was exciting while it lasted, which wasn't very long.

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    was it Nambarrie or tetley ??? lol
    where in N.I are you m8 ?

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