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Thread: Mauser 7x57 E.J. Churchill

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    Mauser 7x57 E.J. Churchill

    I've been putting this off, I had a new 7x57 built ages ago and can't justify keeping this one, but I don't really want to sell it. I've had many an adventure with this rifle and taken a good number of deer and foxes.

    Right handed, large ring Mauser, stamped Churchill believed to be based on an Obendorf action.
    Re-barreled and sporterised in the mid 1960s acording to Churchill's records.
    Chambered in 7x57 aka 7mm Mauser, 275 Rigby or 7mm English.
    Shoots sub MOA with homeloads, can be test fired at Calton Moor if required.
    Currently fitted with Timney sportsman trigger with a lovely crisp let-off.
    Screw cut 1/2 UNF, Bedded into nice walnut stock.
    Copies of all my load data included with sale.

    Also available Bell & Carlson sporter stock bedded for this action, T8 moderator with bush, various triggers, bolt shrouds, fasteners etc.

    Rifle only 250 plus RFD costs
    Rifle with mod, extra stock and bits and pieces 450

    Click image for larger version. 

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    how does it shoot with factory ammo

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    Good question. I've only ever bought two different types of factory ammo in 7x57 in both cases because it was cheap and I wanted the brass.

    With some ancient Parker Hale branded 160 gr (I think) round-nose it shot around 1.5 MOA from memory, I took at least a couple of deer with them.
    With some old Winchester Super-X 175 gr round-nose it didn't shoot well at all.

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    What brass did you use on the home loads?


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    The Parker Hale branded ammo was made with Lapua brass. I'm still using it in my new rifle, its been loaded around 8 or 10 times without annealing and never split a single neck.

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    Sold subject to funds.

    That was quick!

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