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Thread: McMillan A3 Stock and HS Precision Bottom Metal Work

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    McMillan A3 Stock and HS Precision Bottom Metal Work

    Hi I have upgraded the stock on my Stiller Action (Rem clone) Rifle

    As such I now have a McMillan A3 Stock (308 Action)

    Details of McMillan Stock

    Details of Bottom Metal Work - SOLD

    As to what they are worth not got a clue

    Say 250 for the stock

    Prices posted registered post to your door

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0486.jpg   IMG_0487.jpg   IMG_0485.jpg  
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    Probably a silly question, but will the metal and mag fit a Mauser 98 action and feed .243 (an old Parker Hale)

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    I'm afraid I haven't got a clue 308 and 243 are the same parent case but how similar Remington and Mauser actions are I would not know. Might be worth ringing Jacksons Rifles who are the uk agents for Mcmillan

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    pm sent re bottom bracket and magazine



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    Bottom Metal & Magazine now sold

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    another pm sent, I'll take the stock too please!



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