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Thread: primer didnt work but then did

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    primer didnt work but then did

    evening all.

    i have started reloading and the other day had a round that the primer didnt detinate (if thats the right word). the dent from the firing pin was noticably shallower than the previous and post rounds.
    i pulled the bullet emptied the powder and tried the case and primer through my rifle again. this time it fired. the primer was maybe seated a fraction deeper than the other rounds but that dosnt explain why it should work on a second go.

    any ideas more than welcome.

    if its strip and clean the bolt them its a parker hale 1100 light weight in 308 and any instructions are more than welcome

    regards pj

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    could be as simple as a weak firing pin spring, damaged pin or the cases you are loading are being bumped too short so the firing pin is pushing the round into the chamber too far rather than cleanly striking the pin and pushing teh primer case into the anvil.

    either way you need to sort it out and identify it sharpish. a potential hang fire that goes off when you least expect it after a "misfire" can be fatal.

    stripping the bolt is easy
    numerous tutorials on you tube.

    get a chopping board and with the bolt removed hook the bottom edge of the rear of the bolt against the edge.
    pulling back reawards you can compress the spring exposing either a small hole to insert a thick straightened paperclip or allowing you to rotate the rear of the bolt a quarter turn taking the strain of the spring when you release.

    you can then unscrew the bolt "head" from the body.

    further compressing the spring allow you to 1/2 turn the pin and remove the spring and pin from the head.

    you will see what I mean if you google "mauser bolt strip"

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    thanks chap will get on with that

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    Have you been touching the primers with your fingers. ?

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    ok so bolt is apart. there are flat spots on the side of the firing pin spring at the pin end if that makes sense. the spring looks even in spacing between coils and straight. it certainly took some compressing. would it make a differance by turning the spring round. if the sping is making a differance at all

    yes touching the primers. i load with the lee classic loader in which you place the primers one by one. i do have as my dad would say rusty fingers. swetty hands to you and me. would this make a differance
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    As an additional safety feature, most primers anvil is kept slightly away from the fulminate thus preventing accidental ignition in transit etc .. the act of seating the primer in the case 'pushes' the anvil into position so that when the pin hits the primer, the fulminate is crushed against the anvil and ignites.

    If you havent't seated the primer fully in the pocket chances are there was still a gap between fulminate and primer and so when the pin hit it all it did was made a lump on the other side or the metal rather than crushing the fulminate against the anvil..

    Tired and felt like I'd repeated myself at lease 3 times there... sorry... I'm sure you get the gist!

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    Don't handle primers you will make them useless with sweaty hands or they might not go off when you want and do silly thing like delay,

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    yes thank you. made sense 3 times over . i wondered if it is a seating problem. some primers go in really easy others are take a bit more work. might be time to get an auto prime

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Don't handle primers you will make them useless with sweaty hands or they might not go off when you want and do silly thing like delay,
    now you tell me ive just loaded another 40

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    i only have a Lee Loader and handle every primer.
    never had a mis fire as a result. (I have just opened my 3rd box of 1000 primer since starting to reload so not just a handful of possibles)

    you would have to be very sweaty to get sweat into the open end of the primer to get the result the OP has had IMO.

    OP, what does the tip of the pin look like?
    what resizing dies and headspace are you working to when reloading?
    how deep are you seating the primer with the lee seater? flush?
    what primers are they?

    is this the first and only time it has happened?

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