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Thread: My first deer of the buck seson A DOE!!

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    My first deer of the buck seson A DOE!!

    Well i had seen this doe about a month ago and tried 3-4 times for a shot at her from the box she was near.
    Anyway on the way in last night with a client (a complete novice and rifle man(other then airguns) he had done well on the steel cut out but not that well) she was already out some 30m's from the box.
    We had no way of getting close enough for him to shoot so I explained why i must take the rifle and perform the deed.
    He was happy with this and i left him some 175m's from where she was feeding. I took my estate rifle from him and walked towards her accross the field. She wasn't aware of me and i made about another 25m's on her. I knelt down and readied myself on the sticks i dialed in 150m's on the scope and took the shot making perfect H/L shot she jumped and ran about 30m's before expiring.
    As it was still early We still went and sat in the box and later we had 2 does come out and feed but no bucks showed which was a shame as there are 2 known in that area.

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    its a kindness,
    but they seem to manage well on 3 legs.

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    I saw this doe while out with John a few weeks ago. The crops were much lower then and she had to bend down on all fours threes) with her backside in the air to feed. She was about fifteen metres from the box we were sat in. I had my rifle pointing the other way, at a buck and two heavily pregnant does. She was so close we couldn't speak or film her.

    Well done with it John.



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