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Thread: Drinks chiller,(for deer)

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    Drinks chiller,(for deer)

    Where is the most likely place to pick up a two door chiller? I could use one for hanging deer in the summer and also birds in the winter when it's pretty mild. Where's the best place to pick one up? I'm near Inverness if that's any help


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    Hi Mate

    I picked one up from a local paper shop a couple of years ago as they were upgrading so they wanted rid of their old double chiller. It might be worth while asking in the various shops you might get lucky.

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    Ebay is always worth a look.

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    I dont know where to get one but its an excellent idea

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    The ones with the glass fronts are 'Osborne fridges/coolers'. There is a small one on gumtree in Aberdeen at the minute but the big ones, if serviceable are quite serious money. Have been on the lookout for one myself you see!!

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    flea bay ,they do come up with bargains every now and then . i got my drinks chiller for only a few pounds as it didnt have shelfs in.
    a local shop had some icecream freezers outside so i stopped off to ask if they where broken ,the reply was yes its making a funny noise i asked if i could have it she replied yes take it away.
    lobbed it in the van and went home took the cover off it turned out the noise was a plastic cig wrapper was wrapped around the fan and it was making a noise like a lolly stick in bike spokes . i removed it and its been going now two years.

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    The other option is a large larder fridge, drill a hole through the top, large "eye" bolt through some angle iron or wood on the top to support it, washer and silicone on the inside, hang your hook and gambrel. Job done! lots on ebay and in local papers.

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