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Thread: Is it just me being a miserable "B" ?

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    Is it just me being a miserable "B" ?

    Easter Sunday thought I would kill a bit time with my family and extended (Inlaws and a couple of nephews ) and support the local Country Fair at Dalkeith Country Park.My wife had checked there web page,all the usual - terrier racing,crafts etc etc,on a smaller scale to the big events.
    Parked the two cars on the high street and short walk to entrance.

    Four adults 40 quid and six kids 30 quid.70 before you even put your hand in your pocket for any of the stalls or rides.Sorry but in was about turn and back to the car.We were not the only parties who were about-turning.I understand there are costs to set up and manage events of this size but not just this fair but many others need to make it more atractive to families to have a day out.Its bad enough having your trousers taken down when you get in !!!!!!

    Your thoughts

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    I went for a look as well with my wife 20 for 2 adults to walk around 8 stall's a small craft tent and a guess the weight off 2 lamb's to win tickets for another show stand! . 20 mins to look around it all. I did feel sorry for the stall holders though when they must have paid good money to be at looked what looked like a small village fete .


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    NOT MISERABLE, the cost of these events is just getting stupid. it will only change when people vote with their pockets though and refuse to pay. The deals to be had often are not that good food and drink if purchased there is a small fortune and so is the cost of rides etc for the kids. if you go to one of the game fairs without a real mission to buy goods that you know you want, and want to compare all the available options in one place then its a real luxury and very expensive day out !

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    I think this has been discussed on here before, but it would not be so bad paying a tenner to enter, if there really was a days worth of things to see or bargains to be picked up inside.

    We have been going up to Scone Gamefair for years, and the days of getting bargains are finished. I don't blame the retailers there because the cost of a pitch now is ridiculous. My mate had a stall for a few years selling fishing flies, but feels he is better off just doing it on line now. I cannot remember exactly but it was something like 400 for a plot. Now the plots are so small that realistically you have to take 2. So, for him it worked out at 800, plus travel costs up and down for 3 days, or staying as an alternative. So as a small retailer he has to make something like 1000 in profit, not sales, just to break even.

    You used to pick up good deals in the past but not now when the folk selling have to turn over that kind of dosh or it's costing them. These retailers are not doing it as a hobby and if they pull out there will be no Gamefair.

    Dalkeith Country fair cannot justify charging that amount as there is simply not that much to see.

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    its 5 just to get into the park! you are only paying 5 to visit the fair, but fair enough if it was crap.
    serves them right TBH, I nearly took a membership there as we take the kids down all Summer but they wanted 90 up front, it is now 50
    15 to release to children into the feral park for the day is a bargain! i do that over 3 times so it is worth it

    We have held my son's birthday party there 3 years running, am on a mailing list but knew nothing of the Country Fair.......

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    Puplic events and attractions generally are a rip off nowadays, went to seaworld under the railway bridge at edinburgh with 3 out of five of my kids (one free) and it was 42 to get in which I thought was fine but then the only real cool bit was the under water tunnel, they had two seals outside so all in all after an hour and a half the kids were bored and wanted to go back in the car!

    So we went to the National Museum in Edinburgh town centre which is free to get in and the kids loved it, there was so much to look at they were asking questions constantly about stuff and stayed really interested for hours. The kids loved all the stuffed animals and t-rex skeleton in particular but that was worth paying for although it was free!

    I guess that's just the difference between organisations and enterprises trying to make money by being self funding and the likes of Edinburgh museum that is supported.

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    Agree entirely, try taking 5 kids out, cost a fortune. I now only attend the MGF, CLA priced itself out of excistence as far as i am concerned. If you take current fuel prices into account then its 150 before you start, so unless they sort out the ticket prices I am voting with my feet.


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    You really should have done a bit of field craft. Half three Sunday afternoon in for nowt as the paying hut had closed, a bit of a wander round (not much to see and certainly not worth a tenner to get in), a good blether at the SACS tent and home. Yip true miserable B.

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    I agree with all comments,Its about time these country fairs,took notice TOO EXPENSIVE for an entrance fee, For me personally,ts getting beyond it now...
    My last visit was to the Midlands 2 years ago and that will be my last.

    If I want to buy something, I can buy online much cheaper,

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    I love those types of events, esp. the Tweed Angling Fair, but the entrance fee's, parking, and cost of a nice aberdeen angus roll and a couple of beers for me and the Mrs is approaching 60, and that's before thinking of buying anything, or the cost of fuel to get there...sorry, but no thanks. Eoin, I'll watch you show off on youtube instead mate.

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