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    Cloghaneely Teckel

    What is it with some people!!! If you want to advertise on this site FOLLOW THE SITE RULES. Otherwise dont be suprised if you are relieved of your membership.

    If you advertise in the classifieds you also need to adhere to the classified rules.
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    What is it with some people indeed. The rules are in place to hopefully provide some measure of protection for our members. With regard to the classifieds it is helpful if the seller/buyer has been a member for some time and participated in the site, demonstrated their good intent as it were, as opposed to someone jumping on and attempting to make a quick buck. We try on this site to look after each others interests, if that is too difficult for you to understand then I am sorry, but please don't make two posts and then point out our shortcomings, it does not work like that.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well said John. I am getting rather tired of people trying to take advantage of this site!!

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