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Thread: Changes to firearms law

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    Changes to firearms law

    To all of you more knowlegable shooters out there.... this may be a stupid question...but im sure someone will advise.

    Will there be any change to the law in the not too distant future in relation to shooters holding minimum DSC Level1 for any deer calibre rifle ?. I have Level1 but some of my shooting friends with suitable rifles do not. Ive heard that this is likely to be enforced in 2013.

    JOHN F

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    Lots of police forces would like it to be law,
    most people on here? agree that some form of training should be received before being let loose on the world with any rifle.

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    Perhaps to Police should look to getting their own act together in regards to firearms training. The standard on average of thier "trained" officers is quite shockingly poor.

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    I assume that you mean for new applications? It would never happen for existing holders as they would all say that they couldn't afford it, not got time to do it, can't get the time off work etc! Police would never be able to confiscate all those rifles as it would be a legal mine field!

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    I would say no, where do you draw the line? There is no compulsory formal basic training package that I am aware of for any firearms in this country. It is surely all based on your perceived 'experience', or the opinion of referees when applying for a certificate.

    How would you cover the thousands who currently stalk and have no DSC?

    In my opinion the Police cannot insist on the DSC as, other than being voluntary, really it's up to the home office to change their guidelines. Of course where there's money to be made things may change.

    If it was to become home office approved you would open a can of worms in relation to health and safety, litigation etc. As such the price would then need to change to reflect this.

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    Neither the Deer or Firearms Act require any qualifications whatsoever to go deer stalking, having recently been in contact with the Home Office over this they have said nothing about changing the law in the immediate future. As for the Police imposing this sort of condition if you otherwise satisfy the "good reason" requirement of the Firearms Act it is best to challenge them if you feel that they are being unduly restrictive. atb Tim

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    I am afraid it is not just the Police there is a deer stalking industry where some welcome such a move in order to line their own pockets. It was brought to my attention by Michelle the other day that there are people doing, pre level 1 cousrse, introduction to deer stalikg courses, lady deer stalking courses, pre level 2 courses etc. I am sure there wood be handicapped persons courses but I am sure the law would not allow that now. The thing that makes me so angry is that the same folk who run the courses say you should have them but when you have passed them it is a case of no shooting round these part mate....cos we have the lions share of the land stiched up.....oh but we will open our arms and welcome you if you pay a hefty price. All playing into the hands of the powers that be in order folk are pushed out of stalking with legistation and courses.

    I would like to add that is not a pop at all who run such courses, just a selfish few.

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    In Scotland under the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill 2011 section 17a specifies that the Governement can bring in a register of people competent to shoot deer. In addition SNH by 1st April 2014 must conduct a review of the competency of the people who shoot deer and this will be used to decide whether the register will be brought into being. Current expectations are that if the register is made enforceable then DSC1 will be the minimum. The relevant extract from the Bill are:-

    (1) The Scottish Ministers may by regulations—.
    (a) make provision for the establishment and operation of a register of persons competent to shoot deer in Scotland;.
    (b) prohibit any person from shooting deer unless the person is—.
    (i) registered; or.
    (ii) supervisedby a registered person;.
    (c) provide that being a registered person is sufficient to meet the requirements as to fitness and competence under sections 26(2)(d) and 37(1);.
    (d) require registered persons or owners or occupiers of land to submit cull returns toSNH.


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    Sounds like another way for the (Scottish) government to make money. "Congratulations on your DSC, now if you just send your cheque for x amount to Holyrood for stalking..."

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    Thanks Mulac and to all who have responded. Methinks that Firearms Licensing Departments throughout Scotland have already latched on to this, and conveying the message that this will be a requirement to obtain any calibre of rifle for shooting deer. Just another way for them to make things difficult for genuine shooters !!
    John F

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