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Thread: feel like my numbers came up but i didnt buy a ticket

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    feel like my numbers came up but i didnt buy a ticket

    After a very tongue in cheek comment about being "unfortunate" on another thread, Mr Wayne Davies very very kindly invited me to one of his Munty shoots this coming Saturday
    Its my wifes 40th birthday on Saturday and shes acting strangely enough about that number without me disappearing for the day ,
    so ive had to decline Waynes offer,
    to say im absolutely gutted is an understatement
    all i can hope for is another invite at a later date or a very quick divorce.
    anyone know a good divorce lawyer ?
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    Could you not take the wife on the munty shoot too. Just tell her it is a special wildlife sightseeing trip and you are taking your rifle in case either of you get stalked and attacked by a big cat!

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    what a bummer ,how comes wifes have that sort of power eh ,play the guilt card for a day or two ,dont cancel yet !

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    Tell her she was 40 last year and she's just beginning her 41st year on Saturday, she'll chase you out stalking
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Just take her on the stalk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua View Post
    Just take her on the stalk
    you must be single,
    i go shooting to get away from her

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    Just relax, enjoy your wife's birthday and be confident that I'll be in full control up one of Wayne's highseats, shooting your Muntjac for you. I need and expect no thanks for this little act of kindness - I'll even send you a photo of your deer for you...because that's what friends are for!

    (or just sneak out before 5pm and save me all that work on your behalf)

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    Wayne don't forget to sell me a carcass when you have one going cant beat a bit of muntjac

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    or just grow a set and tell her your shooting lol

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