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Thread: BDS Deer Management Course

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    BDS Deer Management Course

    I intend to put myself on the next BDS DMC available. There is an extensive per course reading list for advance preparation. Can any of you guys/girls that have already completed the course give me a heads up on what was really worth the study prior to the course itself, or possibly if it's easier, what was not worth the purchase price for pre study.

    Thanks in advance


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    Do you mean DSC 1 or is this different course? If its the later have you a link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Do you mean DSC 1 or is this different course? If its the later have you a link.
    No it's a different course. I am an AW for level 2 but wish to extend my knowledge further with the 5 day BDS course.
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    It's an excellent course and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    So far as reading material, if Dominic Griffith is teaching on your course then his latest book will be worth a read. Also Wild Deer by Andrew de Nahlik as they both talk about population estimates and management. I would also say the Best Practice Guide is worth reading. Next time I'm home I'll dig out the manual that we were issued and try to suggest some other suitable reading material if no-one else responds first.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Hello Prometheus.

    The BDS DMC is excellent, and I was on the same course as Willie Gunn. Yes, there is an extensive reading list, and the two titles mentioned are good, in addition to Deer Management and Stalking by Richard Prior.

    W_G got it right when he said read the Best Practise Guides, as these are an excellent source of information, and they can be downloaded free from the internet.

    I was worried that I had not read enough before the course, but the training manual, and tutorials were first class, and by the exams, I was a lot happier with the knowledge attained. A brush up on map reading / Grid refs will also help you.

    Practise shooting from various positions - especially those you do not normally use, ( kneeling / fence post etc ) and a few rapid fire evolutions aswell. Unecessary stress can be avoided if you are a bit happier that you have at least got a few practise runs under your belt.

    It is a good five days, and well worth the investment.

    All the best.


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    Cheers Neil, good advise and at least map reading is something I won't have to worry about.



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    As Willie-gunn say's an excellant cource, I did it last year and well worth it.. dont mention gamekeepers to Chris.....!!!!!


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    Hi Simon, the Deer Management course you mention is the 'Deer Managers' course and was originally called the Advanced Stalkers Course.
    Mr Howard will have you believe it is light years ahead of any other course ever given but it is the same course with his added knowledge since he took it up !!
    On the course I did he went around the class asking what 'scopes we had and of course it varied from 6 x 42 to 3 - 12 x 50 etc etc. We told him the ability to go from 12 to 3 was handy in low light.
    He poo pood us all and said the only scope needed was a Leupold 10 x 40 as Deer are not shot in the dark and high mag gives excellent recognition of your quarry therefore prevents mistakes.
    That was in his early stalking days so I can guarrantee he has changed his mind now and would probably not like to be reminded of it
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    Thanks for that gem EMcC, can I quote you ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    Thanks for that gem EMcC, can I quote you ?
    You can, but I bet he'll deny it.
    If it helps, tell him it was about the time he had a Phsycadelic coloured Remington that he got from the US, that might jog his memory, but I bet he'll still deny it
    There's a lot of things learnt by some since the early days
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