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Thread: Howa 1500

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    Howa 1500

    I have been offered this rifle in .243, black synthetic, screw cut, drop plate mag, brand new for 500.

    Can anyone tell me a little about it if you have owned one or used one.


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    I have owned three 1500's. They are essentially a Weatherby Vanguard. They are a quality rifle. I still have the 223 under my roof, but the 270 went to my daughter's mother-in-law and the 30-06 was given to my son-in-law. All are very accurate. (that 270 was a real screamer) That rifle sells new in the States for $500 so the "dollar to the pound" rule must apply. There is a second hand M-1500 in 300 Win Mag in the city for $329 that I keep dancing around.....~Muir

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    yea the gun smith, who i know well and is my regular said it was a great rifle and shoots sub 1" out the box. he also has the same but in a walnut stock for a few hundred more...

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    Hi shotguntom
    I have a Howa 1500, bought new a few weeks back. I haven't been able to use it very much yet so can't speak so much on performance (although I do understand them to be very good for the money - action and barrel)
    I thought it was worth mentioning about the stock - is it a hogue-style 'overmoulded' one? These have a nice rubbery feel and would usually be the stock used on black synthetic. It's just that when I bought mine, I chose a different aftermarket-style stock, as the Howa ones can be a bit flexible. The one I looked at would certainly touch the barrel in certain situations e.g. if you had a heavy mod fitted and were using a bipod. The stock I chose instead doesn't feel as nice (just hard plastic, no 'warmth' to it), but I don't mind at all, because it leaves a very decent free-floating channel and is extremely rigid.

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    Yes that is the stock it has. Would you suggest getting the walnut one then? or getting another stock as you did.


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    I have owned 3 Howa's, still own a 243 and a 308 and they clover leaf at 100 yards, superb rifles for the money and better than a lot of more expensive options. At 500.00 its a bargain.

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    As others have said a great rifle for the price. I have one in .243 with the walnut stock and cloverleafs with factory ammo out the box :-)

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    Well first of all I would suggest that you have a look at the stock it currently has, and see what you think. I think they can vary so it may be worth having a look and a feel of the stock before deciding on anything else. Concentrate on the fore-end particularly, as that's where I found the main weakness. If it is all too flexible and you're not happy, then yes I guess you could either go for the walnut if you like wooden stocks (I don't know much about wooden stocks but I have seen Howa 1500 walnut stocks before and they looked fairly neat), or go for a different synthetic one like I did. There are many expensive options for this, but I got a 'cheapy' one. Try giving Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting a ring, that's where I got my complete set-up. When I chose my stock he had a couple of other ones which were the same. By the way, they had a realtree camo pattern on them, as has the one I bought. Even if you're not keen on the idea of that effect (it does look very nice though!), still give him a ring as he may be able to help you with a different one. He is a very helpful bloke, say Ben Skinner suggested you give him a ring, explain the situation, and hopefully he might have/be able to get in something to send you.

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    Oh and also, even if you want the walnut stock, ask Steve if he would have one to send you, may be a cheaper way of getting a walnut stock.

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    I've the Vanguard. 500 is the going rate before discount.
    .243 Weatherby Vanguard Synth /.223 BRNO CZ527 Synthetic
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