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Thread: Carl Zeiss Jena ZF/4N 4x32 scope

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    Carl Zeiss Jena ZF/4N 4x32 scope

    The Serial number of 126352 and combined Carl Zeiss Jena name of the scope indicates this is a early production post WW2 scope from what I can find out "googling".

    S/N's up to around 80,000-90,000 tended to be military production.

    Short;y after WW2, I believe Zeiss stopped the use of the Zeiss Jena combined name with an injunction as the Jena factory was no longer part of the Zeiss empire.
    It subsequently became JenaOptic and then Docter.

    *Crystal clear glass and is bright from edge to edge as expected from Zeiss
    *Some superficial marks on the tube but to be expected on a scope of this age.
    *Turrets rotate smoothly without grinding
    *Patented Zeiss rail mounts eliminate poor fitting rings associated with other vintage scope, hence no ring marks.
    *I have managed to source some rail mounts for the scope side (ring equivalents) but bases will be dependant on rifle fitment. Parker Hale and Mauser type action bases are more commonly found second hand, as are Blaser. I will list the mounts when I get them but any Zeiss rail mount including the Weaver/Rail mounts found in many US gunshop sites will work.

    Would suit a vintage or period rifle or any stalking rifle where quick target acquisition and heavy post reticule for low light is required.

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    will be eBaying Sunday night

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    There you go have started you off by putting a bid in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    There you go have started you off by putting a bid in.
    beat ya,,,how'd you like them apples! LOL...Bewsh,,,sure as F not paying your 7.75 if I win it mate!

    ps. just helping you get your bids up,,,but if I do get it at this price, don't punch me when I come to pick it up

    Brit,,,sorry mate,,, 0.99 had to be knocked on the head

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    Oo, Hadnt realised there was so much interest 10 watchers and 21 in one day.
    Roll on Sunday! Good luck

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    Tis OK as I have one with it's proper mount on the ZKK 601 and there is a ZF6/SC sitting here awaiting a service and repair. Some one has messed with the focussing and I cannot get the reticle in focus so later this month it will be off to be looked at and hopefully fixed up.

    There was a nice looking Zeiss Jena with mount for a double of combo gun but as funds are a little stretched right now I witheld from buying it.

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    [QUOTE=Brithunter;361464]Tis OK as I have one with it's proper mount on the ZKK 601 QUOTE]

    what does the ZKK mounts look like if you don't mind me asking?

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    yeah, those are the ones methinks do they attach to the Jena?

    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    like this?

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