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Thread: A plan for a high seat

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    A plan for a high seat

    Hi there

    im new to this site, i found it whilst googleing high seat plans to no avail

    anyway i was wondering if any one had any simple wooden high seat plans that they wouldnt mind sending me

    mnay many thanks

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    Try searching High Seats on here, been quite a few recently mostly timber type, what are you planning metal or timber?

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    Hi there, yea i tried that and only brought up oes from 2009 etc so wasnt even sure if the people who started the thread were still on here, i want to make a timber one not sure if i want a lean to or free standing, probs lean to many thanks

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    Hi Stokefan

    There were plans for a good wooden seat in a recent BASC magazine. I know aguy who made a couple he reckoned the plans were spot on and only cost about a 100 for a solid freestander. If you want a copy just PM me your address and I'll post it to you


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    Follow this link, the pdf on how to build one is on there under the deer stalking section


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    Quote Originally Posted by munty6.5 View Post
    Follow this link, the pdf on how to build one is on there under the deer stalking section

    that one looks great. i think im going to try it many thanks for showing me

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    hi bud

    i have seen 3 seats in the last week (up north) that where made from a 3 section alloy ladder.

    each section was laid down on the floor and had a old school polypropylene chair fixed to the top, then they where stood up against the tree and held on place with a simple pair of ratchet straps.

    simple and cheap (these ladders came from speedy tool hire) and where unfit for use on a building site and the seats where free from the local tip.

    i never took pictures but i did use one last week and found it ok to use,

    pf if you use a plastic ploy prop chair. remember to drill some holes in the base of the seat as my R's got a bit wet as they did not drill any in it

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