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Thread: On line ammunition sales

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    On line ammunition sales

    any idea where I can buy Norma ammunition on line ??

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    Depends whether you are an RFD or not...

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    yeah, just go on ebay and buy some factory ammo, have it shipped to your door. no probs, maybe chuck a grenade in whilst at it

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    You can buy from any RFD really - then pay for them to ship it via TNT courier to your local RFD - who will then charge you a fee to put it on your FAC...simple really!!

    You'd be better off just getting your local RFD to order some in for you on his next shipping-paid order from the wholesaler (free delivery to him once he reaches an order amount - plus some wholesalers also drop 12% to 20% off trade to the RFD if he orders a case of 200 rds)

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    that is assuming the RFD is willing.
    I asked a local RFD to order in 1000 .17M2 rounds, twice their minimum order. I was going to take all of it whenever they got it in

    they said no

    I asked another RFD for 500 Norma .270 rounds to be split between 5 of us. they said "no problem" see you in 3 weeks.
    That was in 2009.......still waiting

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