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Thread: harkila or river west

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    harkila or river west

    Advice please looking for some new gear .what do you wear harkila or river west ????????

    looking for the best deal who sells hakkila in the lancashire area or do i go on the net ?????????????
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    Harkila jacket, trousers, and boots (pro hunter) fleece, and camo fleece. not a single negative on any of them. Rivers West I have looked at and seems just as good and a bit less expensive if you don't want to take out another mortgage.

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    Pro hunters for me great clothing and well cut/designed.
    But not tried the R.W. to be fair.....

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    For me it would be the Harkila.

    The Rvers West stuff IS good and wears well but its very sweaty
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    I wear rivers west for wildfowling eider jacket it's the most waterproof jacket I've ever had or seen and it's been out in all weathers -10 snow storms gales driving rain the lot and I've never got wet have a look at this video It's a typical American video but shows you a bit more about the fabric,don't think you can beat the pro hunter clothing for stalking though it's got the right cut for walking long distances and also not to thick fabric to make you sweat like a beast, but I would not wear it for normal shooting or beating etc but I do the RW stuff

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    Harkila pro hunter stuff fantastic worth the money for the fact it lasts

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    I usually destroy waterproof trousers in a few weeks, sometimes less than a week, I've had a pair of Harkila trousers that I bought as end of line items and this might be into their third year now, or maybe it is second? Can't remember but it is a long, long time when compared to everything else.

    Harkila seem very "fashion" orientated in the sense that they seem to change their ranges every year or so. With that in mind you can often get last year's trendy thing from Harkila for the same money as some of the lesser offerings.

    For jackets I wear a mil surplus windproof smock with the nikwax waterproofing washed into it, I've got and tried the other stuff but for most stalking I find it hard to beat and at 10 a pop the price is right as well.

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    I would say Rivers West all day long. LOL

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    harkila for me because i dont wanna look like all the rest or a tree,then i see most of you prefer harkila

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    Harkila. Rivers West is hard wearing but has NO breathability. OK for sitting in, but when walking hard in RW, you will get very wet on the INSIDE!!

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