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Thread: Introduction North East

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    Introduction North East

    Hello all,

    I live in the North East.
    Riffles I own are a 22 for rabbits and have recently got a 243 for managing the deer and foxes on land which I have been granted permission on.
    Each September I visit Scotland and take a couple of days after red stags (estate riffle)
    I also shoot pigeons and do a bit of clay bashing.
    The site is a wealth of information and look forward to learning more.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome 243stalker. All my inlaws are from the Boro area. Is that anywhere near you?
    atb Gaz

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    You are correct Boro it is.
    Where in Wales are you from as work takes me to Neath a number of times each year

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    Evening 243 stalker. I'm quite a way from Neath. I live in a small welsh village between Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury. I'll give you a shout when were up on holidays if you fancy a pint Sister in law lives in Eston
    ATB Gaz

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    No probs pm me when your next up

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