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Thread: Season opener

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    Season opener

    Its been a while since i shot a deer, more to do with other field sports than anything else but this morning i ventured out for a buck that id seen from the road side .Its on a farm where they opperate a zero tolerance for crop munchers and on arrival the farmers first words were not how was i but' you aint been round for a while have you' ,to which i had to confess to .He pointed to a hedge where i was headed anyway and said with a dry voice that the buggers had to duck a few days ago when he sprayed the corn they were that tame ,lol.
    Anyway the wind here was blowing straight from my start point towards where the deer should be so a trip around the boundary was in order .Set off through the farmyard and was annoyed to see a dog walker headed to where the deer should be but still a long way off .I cut the boundary off and walked towards him .Whether he decided he shouldnt be there or what i dont know but he turned around and went back the way he came before i could say anything .The farm abuts a housing estate and people seem to think there is a right of way but thats another story so back to the stalk .
    From where i now was i could glass the hedges in front of me and spotted two heads above the undergrowth in the hedge bottem ,both sat down and around 350 yds away id say .One was a mature doe the other a buck ,four pointer, in velvet .
    I was aware now that the wind here was swirling a bit and that i was in danger of giving my position away so more action was needed to avoid spooking him ,my first buck of the year hopefully .I nipped through a gap in the hedge and headed to the boundary from here,two fields away .Skirting the hedges i ended up with my back to the farm and sure enough the wind had swung round , blowing to the farm not from it .A cautious look around the hedge corner where they were revealed they were up and walking away from me but unalarmed .There is a raised banking around this field created from the digging of the ditch over many years and they followed this bund to a ninety degree turn in the hedge where both stood momentarily stock still and broadside .The range was out there a bit but didnt phase me at all and the shot put him down instantly only for him to get up and walk in stiff legged decreasing circles and go down this time to stay .I watched for a while before pacing it out to a respectable 187 .Shot was good as expected .Gralloched him and phoned Martin to see if he wanted him and yes ,his first through the system i believe .I am due down his ground tonight anyway so a result .

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    Nice one Foxdropper

    I'm sure Martin will make good use of him.


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    Congratulations on getting the season underway.


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    And here he is on his own for a short spell,but he will kick off the new business...........


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    Nice one lads thats what we like to see team work.

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    Nice one FD, hope to put a few more in there shortly !!

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