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Thread: How much weight lost over 90 days and when?

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    How much weight lost over 90 days and when?

    Right I'm drying out my roebuck head that i am now fairly sure will go a medal. its soaking wet weight (about an hour after boil) was 625g down to about 605g post bleach and it spent the night on top of the aga from yesterday evening to this morning so maybe 14 hours or more. Its now at 559g and hasn't dropped a gram since i took it off the this morning so its levelling out i assume. How much more should i expect it to loose? and although it is 90 days to dry how long does it realistically take to stop loosing weight?


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    They don't all loose the same so its hard to be sure it can be as much as 10% of the total weight , though you have already lost that I would expect it to loose a few more grams between now and the 90 days but it should not be very much, you will also have a 90g deduction so you should have a measuring weight of around 460g
    hopefully a little more.

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    Last year i shot a very large gold medal roe it started at 624g and when dry and after deducting 90g as it was not cut it weighed 500g so mine lost 34g over 90days.
    interestingly like you i weighed it daily and in fact at some points it gained a little weight then dropped again, i can only assume it absorbs moisture from the air.

    but you will see it stabilises after 30 days or so, allow it to dry naturally though George no need to dry it via the cooker or hot cupboard.

    You can have a provisional measure done before 90 days but its worth the weight in the long run.

    good luck!

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