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Thread: Utra northstar mod cover

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    Utra northstar mod cover

    Hi all, any ideas for a cover for the ase northstar mod?


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    I use half a Garland's neoprene double-shotgun barrel-cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    sprayed it matt black !
    Does that stop the heat-haze, though?

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    I'll stick with my first answer then

    A few more thoughts: I specify Garlands because a Jack Pike I bought subsequently as a spare (I have two Northstars) was just too narrow and inelastic to fit.

    The Garlands is certainly a tight fit, particularly at first. Once you've cut it in half, put a few stitches in to stop the seam from running open from the cut edge.#

    Then turn it insideout, push about 1" back inside itself and pull that end over the narrow end on the Northstar, but allowing the turned-in edge to overlap the end of the mod. Then it should be straightforward, placing the thick end of the NS on a firm surface, to roll the cover on. A bit like, well.... a bit like a thing for the weekend. But in RealtreeTM.

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    Thanks for the info Dalua, that explains why the jack pyke won't fit then!! I'll get a garlands one


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    Will the pez cover fit?

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    This perhaps sort-of answers that question indirectly. I don't have a PES, though.

    If it's any consolation, I also bought a Jack Pyke, which is how I know it doesn't fit. However, by cranking up th'owd Jones Family CS machine I intend having unpicked it to resew the material of the Jack Pyke to make a useable cover. I don't think I'll get two mod covers out of the one barrel-cover, though.

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    what about the camo tape ? sprayed mine due to the stainless look didnt look great on a black rifle ,dont usually shoot more than two or three shots in a row even when checking zero ......too mean at 2 a pop

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