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Thread: Taking Cerrosafe chamber casting of the existing chamber

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    Taking Cerrosafe chamber casting of the existing chamber

    Some folk take really good photos - scroll down this thread to see the excellent Cerrosafe chamber cast.

    Regards JCS
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    Now that looks like it could be really usefull/ interesting. Would if make a differrance if using the measurements off of the cast and using fire formed or new brass. Would fire formed cases be more representative of the cast

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    The cast is more accurate. The thing about cerrosafe is that generally, you don't do the whole chamber due to difficulties in removing overflow from the locking lugs. A measurement of the throat is its general use. I use it quite a bit. I'm having a custom bullet mold made for my 9.3x57 and the maker required a cerrosafe casting before starting the work.~Muir

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    Also useful for removing stuck cases where the head has separated. Now who was asking about that the other day?

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