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Thread: Greylag eggs

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    Greylag eggs

    Not Stalking related.
    Does anyone know where I can get some Greylag eggs from?
    My Wildfowling Club, is looking to re-establish the Greys down here, but need some eggs.


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    Without breaking the law,difficult!

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    Quote Originally Posted by news of the world View Post
    Without breaking the law,difficult!
    you know what they say.. you cant make a skein of greylags without breaking a few laws..


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    If you buy a breeding trio of pinioned birds and release them on a pond with an island so they can nest safely your half way there

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    why bother I know of a chap that catches them as goslings in the long grass from the wild then rears them in a pen.
    he runs between the pond and them when the parents take them to grase and they squat in the grass,pick them up away you go.
    no good if your old and slow

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    Since last week we have had greys on a little pond at the back of the house and it looks like breeding is on the cards, i always thought canadas were agressive but they have nowt on these greylag.
    The were kicking ten bells out of the smaller pinkfeet ,i'll be glad when they "p" off crapping all over the place !

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    44 Can I ask are you sure they are breeding ? they could be a group of juveniles we have loads round here like that the breeding pairs are very much in pairs now

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    defo one lot paired up, and you a right we do get a fair lot of juveniles/none breeders at this time of year .DF

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    It's not illegal to release indiginous/native species, RSPB do it with Greylags around the country, I wonder if I asked nicely they would release some for us

    So anyone know of a local council or somewhere else where they are pricking eggs, or want to reduce the numbers.

    BASC is going to help and advise on this for us.

    Double Four, your birds got eggs yet?


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