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Thread: mid priced binos

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    mid priced binos

    Like adjman I have been looking for some reasonable priced binos . I tried the Meopta meopros and some Opticons yesterday. Both around 300, not as good as the Swaros but more than adequate. Anyone got either ? Any good ? or can anyone recomend any other make around the same price ? I would not want to spend much more else I would be afraid to use them !
    regards Steve

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    Leopold windriver
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Have a look at Steiner binoculars, a tad more then 300 but reputed to be optically on par with zeiss Swaro and Leica.


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    Opticron BGA 7X42 - cant go wrong mate.

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    I just had delivered some Steiner Huntings and so far im well impressed with them, also found them 40 cheaper at Derek Lee delivered....

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    I have Minox HGs...they are more than your limit I think but Minox do a cheaper range. The Minox I have are cracking and great in low low...having bought 3 pairs of binos now my advice would be wait as long as you can and buy the best you can. Also Bushnells legends are superb for the money.

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    +1 for Stieners

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    Opticron,,Opticron,,Opticron !! you will not regret it, far better than anything else in the price bracket.

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    Have a look at viking bins , great value , but the guy above has it leupold are superb , on a par with the opticron just better made bodies imo

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