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    I'm about to import my fathers old 12ga Lancaster and a 30/30 Winchester 94 from Germany and was looking at what else I could bring in while I was at the paperwork. I mentioned K98 to my friend at STL-Rifles in Germany and he came up with some Argentinian 7x57? Problem is I know very little about the 98's but always wanted one mainly to learn about the actions. Now I'm planning on castrating the thing and getting a short action cartridge fitted and then build a stock for it. Lothar Walther have barrels ready to fit at great prices for these rifles and now I need to decide profile and cartridge. The barrel can be fitted by Manfred at STL which will keep costs down. Plan is to have a very handy light weight rifle as I sold two light weight 243's recently.
    For re-sale reasons a 308 would be best in Ireland but I would have loved to try a 257 Roberts but have no idea if factory ammo is still available. What is the situation in the UK with factory Ammo for the 257 and is it still in use?

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    I don't know about the UK, but 257 Roberts is still being made in the US. I have one and love it. My buddy just got done having a custom built on an FN action. It's a shooter. Good luck with the 7x57. I would have thought an Argentine would be in 7.65x53 Argentine.(A great and accurate cartridge in its own right! Make the brass easily from 30-06) I have loosely chronicled the transformation of my FN commercial (a M-98, basically) from 30-06 to 6.5x55. I used a Wilson pre-turned, prechambered sporter barrel. It was easy and the results, great.~Muir

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    Hi, I have a 7x57 & 257 Roberts in the cabinet both on Mauser actions as well as a PH 270 which is the same thing but commercial. I wouldn't recommend a short cartridge for it though as they don't always feed too well. Don't listen to those who tell you the bolt is loose when back, it's always tight when forward. Also don't forget the Mauser is the mother of most current bolt action rifles. Good luck with it. MG

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    Well had to decide and due to a possible future resale I ordered a prechambered 308 barrel. If I have feed problems I'll fit a mag system.
    Voerer also makes short and long centre feed mags for the 98.
    As far as I heard these 1909 Argentine 98's have a good reputation.
    Anyway, looking forward to how the 720 profile LW barrel performs with its 12 twist.
    So I'll have to put the 257 plans back on the shelf for a while...pity.

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