Date 26 5 2012 9 am meet

Meeting place the AuldhouseArms Eastkilbride

First track will bestarted at 9.30 am
The tracks will have been laid the nightbefore and be approximately 12 hours old
These will be simple track of 120 mtrwith a slight turn laid with sent shoes and a deer head at the end.

10 dogs will be doingthis tracking day with 12 people attending.

The last track willbe at approximately 12.30

Spot of lunchprovided

Afternoon 2.00 pm

We will then move onto a conference room were we will have an in formal chat about deer stalking(Urban Deer) and the use of dogs and then we have a special guest who will talkabout tracking dogs and there application in deer stalking.

The day will close atapproximately 4 pm some onewill be asked to look after the dogs while you are in the conference room nodogs will be left unattended.
Confirmation PM,sfrom people who are to attend would be great.

Because we are now booking thehall for two hours and supplying refreshments there will be a cost for anyoneattending of 5

There will be 4 longer tracks laid 12 hour prior for any one that wants to give it a try they will be 500 mtr sent shoe only with a wund bed at 250 mtrs and a tight urn near the end. These will be done if time allows.