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Thread: Rescued Tawny Owl

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    Rescued Tawny Owl

    Last week the girlfriend rang me up and asked what the best method for picking up a wounded owl was. She had been driving back from seeing her horse and spotted a fight going on at the side of the road between 2 rooks and magpie and something else. When she stopped to have a look it turned out the something else was a Tawny Owl who was only just managing to fend off the corvids.

    She came back and picked me up and we took a towel with us, we found the poor stunned Tawny sitting at the side of the road where she had left him and very carefully picked him up. He seemed somewhat stunned and certainly not afraid, so after a quick call to check they were open we headed off to the local Wild Bird Hospital for them to check him out.

    They couldn't see any signs of damage to him, but popped him in a cage and took our details and checked they could ring us once he was better so we could release him back where we found him.

    We were pretty sure he had been bumped by a car and this explained his dozy state. The bird hospital also said that he was probably "playing dead" on the way down in the car as Tawnys are known to do this if they feel they are in danger.

    My girlfriend phoned the Bird Hospital yesterday and they said they think he has suffered some minor head trauma and they are keeping an eye on him, but he seems to be doing well - hopefully it should only be a few more days and we can take him and release him back into the woods where we found him.

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    Well done! I 'rescued' an injured barn owl some time back - sadly, it didn't make it through the night...

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    Well done indeed. Hope the owl gets back to full health, tawnys are one of my favourite birds.

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    Good on you. I once rescued a kestrel that had flown into an overhead power cable. Vets sorted the injury, gave it back to me and i fed up on dead chicks. After about 2 weeks i released it - and the bloody thing flew off - ungrateful sod . Was so chuffed really

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    My old man and i while sat eating tea in front of the TV saw two sparrows fly into the window followed by a sparrowhawk! the two spuggies knocked themselves out and the sparrowhawk made a quick exit! Both spuggies came round and were let go.. Amazing to see..

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